Future of the Workforce in 2021

24 December 2020 (MY) – 2020 has proven to organizations and their customers that businesses can not only survive but thrive with a remote workforce. Today’s workforce will not go back to working solely from an office.

Come 2021, Uniphore predicts employee engagement will continue to evolve, especially as hybrid working begins where some employees are in the office and some are working remotely. Technology adoption will see amplification. Leaders will have to be more accessible and conduct regular checks on the health and wellbeing of employees. Empathy and connection will be at the forefront of conversations to ensure a motivated, productive team with a shared vision.

Laying down of clear KRAs will take center stage. Acknowledging significant work will reinforce employees’ worth, lift attitudes, and make them feel valued. Strong, highly engagemed cultures will be a competitive differntiator. Most importantly, enterprises will have to rise to the challenge of ensuring all employees understand the company’s vision, strategy, processes, and culture no matter the space they work from.

The future of the workforce in 2021 will move towards the hybrid model – which, when done right, will allow to recruit good talent, achieve innovation, and create value for all stakeholders. It will be more flexible, family-oriented, digital, and purposeful.


By Annie Weckesser, Chief Marketing Officer + People, Uniphore

Author: Terry KS

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