Fujitsu Launches M10 Servers in Malaysia

Oct 23, 2013 (Wed): Fujitsu, Asia’s No.1 ICT solutions and services provider, today announces the availability of Fujitsu M10 servers in Malaysia.

Built-in with 16-core SPARC64 X processor and tapping on Fujitsu’s 60 years of mainframe development, the new Fujitsu M10 servers promise high reliability, availability and serviceability for both application and data processing.

According to Lim Hun Leong, Vice President, Infrastructure Services & Solutions, Fujitsu Asia, “In recent years, the need for high-speed processing of large amounts of data has increased dramatically. Many enterprises want to upgrade their IT infrastructures with high performance processing capacity to support faster, real-time decision making for their business operations and to remain competitive.”

Michael Warren, Country President of Fujitsu Malaysia shares, “Local demand for Fujitsu M10 servers will mainly be to power up mission-critical computing workloads, for instance intensive banking operations and Internet services by telcos. In Malaysia, we are targeting financial services, telecommunication and public sectors, especially large scale enterprises, data centre and outsourcing services providers for the new servers business.”

Michael adds, “With the advent of Big Data, the utilization of information has become an important factor in the success or failure of business in Malaysia. The Fujitsu M10 is an ideal platform for running single-threaded applications, such as database, business analytics/business intelligence applications, data mining, and batch processing, to help businesses to fulfill the ever changing IT workload requirements and business demands. ”

The Fujitsu M10 servers feature breakthrough technologies such as Software on Chip and Liquid Loop Cooling. It provides highly flexible system configurations with physical partitioning as well as built-in, no-cost virtualization technologies via Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones. Fujitsu M10 servers also support both Oracle Solaris(operating systems) versions 10 and 11; and the Oracle Solaris Guarantee Program allows for binary compatibility with all current and past SPARC servers for investment protection.

In addition, the Fujitsu M10-4S with 40 SPARC64 X processors, which is a part of the Fujitsu M10 Servers family, has achieved the world-record result on the two-tier SAP ® Sales and Distribution standard application benchmark running Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition and outperformed the second place result by more than 20%.

Commitment to New Fujitsu M10 Servers

Lim adds, “The Fujitsu M10 servers stem from our supercomputer technology. Fujitsu M10 is the company’s commitment to bring significant performance results to customers, helping customers maximize their ROI with dynamic scalability and mainframe-class reliability for mission-critical IT workloads.”

“Fujitsu has officially established a regional task force to drive all SPARC businesses in ASEAN including Fujitsu M10. The team will spearhead SPARC business support for sales, technical and project managements for customers,” ends Lim.

Michael Warren and M10.

Author: Terry KS

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