Fortinet Sets Up New Regional Solution Centre in Malaysia

November 17, 2014 (Mon): Fortinet, a world leader in high-performance network security − has announced that to chart its next phase of growth in Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, it has launched security consulting services for enterprises in the region. This is the first services suite of its kind to be offered by a network security vendor in the region, and will help meet businesses’ growing demand for strategic consulting services.

Specific services provided fall under the areas of network security assessment, vulnerability assessment, wireless security status verification, and firewall policy and configuration assessment. These services add to the customized training and professional services that Fortinet is already offering in the region.

The services will be backed by a team of highly skilled networking and security professionals, manning state-of-the-art testing and simulation facilities in Fortinet’s new regional solution centre − also launched today − in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To help enterprises better deal with emerging threats, the Fortinet Southeast Asia & Hong Kong Solution Centre will also exchange and share threat information with local threat intelligence authorities, and analyse them along with global threat landscape data picked up by FortiGuard Labs’ global R&D team, which has labs in Malaysia, Japan, China, the US, Canada and France.

CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cyber security specialist agency under the Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, is an early Fortinet partner for this initiative. Fortinet plans to forge more alliances with the various local cyber security authorities in the region in the coming months.

Fortinet has also brought on board AlgoSec and Ixia as technology partners. AlgoSec will provide expertise to manage complex policies across firewalls and related security infrastructures; while Ixia will help the Fortinet team assess network security and resiliency.

“In the current threat landscape, security is more challenging than ever before. Fortinet’s security consulting services therefore provides a vital service to enterprise organizations in the region and we are very pleased to be an integral partner in this initiative,” said Guy Givoni, general manager, APAC at AlgoSec. “Using AlgoSec’s security policy management suite, Fortinet security experts will be able help our joint customers streamline security operations and change management, ensure continuous compliance and deliver tighter security.”

Dato’ Seri George Chang, Fortinet’s Vice President for Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, sees the new services as an extension of Fortinet’s efforts in providing advanced threat response platforms to enterprises over the years.

“The region has matured to the extent that enterprises are no longer content to be provided with hardware and software tools. They demand consultancy and services − which are backed by solid R&D − to meet their business needs,” said Chang.

“That’s exactly what we are putting in place with our Solution Centre and our threat intelligence partnerships, which are built on top of our global R&D capabilities. Through this portfolio of new services, which will be expanded over time, we want to raise the bar in the network security industry and properly help enterprises reap the business benefits of good security practices.”

Author: Terry KS

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