Flexible, Scalable, and Easy to ‘Pickupp’: Smart Logistics Platform Launches New All-in-One Fulfilment Service

Pickupp, Asia’s smart logistics platform, is now providing an all-in-one fulfilment service that includes storage options, inventory management, as well as operations and warehouse consultation. The announcement is in line with Pickupp’s overall goal of empowering and facilitating the rapid growth of business – especially up-and-coming businesses in Malaysia.

This service will complement Pickupp’s existing last-mile delivery solutions and aims to address pain points that many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face in streamlining their fulfilment processes, namely cost, ease of use, and ability to scale. Data visibility and inventory transparency provided from the digitalised dashboard that features live delivery monitoring and order history will assist businesses in garnering better insights for business scaling and customer management.

Malaysia’s expanding convenience economy has been a boon to local startups and SMEs. However, it has also placed considerable strain on businesses to fulfil more orders at greater speed, while simultaneously juggling cost efficiency and expansion plans.

Cost-friendly solutions from third-party logistics providers that can support a range of small and medium business needs but also provide the same quality of service found in more specialised enterprises can be difficult to find.

For Navin Kandapper, Country Manager of Pickupp Malaysia, the brand’s latest foray into fulfilment aims to dismantle that problem. “Coming from a startup background ourselves, the Pickupp team really empathises with the need for a service that scales together with businesses as they grow. We guarantee high-standards of inventory management and handling, a rule standardised for all our partners across startups and big household names. Being more involved throughout the entire logistics process of our clients helps us better understand their niche needs and recommend different features to meet that, no matter large or small.”

Flexible, scalable, and easy to Pickupp

Pickupp’s new fulfilment service encompasses a full suite of capabilities — inventory management and inspection, storage, packaging, shipping, full tracking, as well as doorstep delivery.

The entirety of Pickupp’s logistics and delivery features are easily accessible via Shopify and WooCommerce plugins. This feature enables business owners registered on these e-commerce platforms to manage and sync orders directly to their Pickupp dashboard, allowing for automated processing of up to 1,000 orders at a time.

The fulfilment service is available in three ‘categories’ dependent on business needs, order load, and client preference of short term or long term storage. Furthermore, each option is equipped with warehouse management system (WMS) requirements tailored to scale on inventory.

“In ensuring that we’re able to adapt to differing inventory levels and SKUs (stock-keeping units), we can accommodate peak seasons, and cater to both small and large volume orders,” Navin adds. “By integrating with our fulfilment service, clients will have full visibility of the processes through a centralised digital dashboard. Backed with a specialised team well-versed in processes, courier software management and inventory handling, we make it our commitment to create a smooth and quality post-purchase experience for both our clients and their customers”.

The announcement of the fulfilment service is the most recent new functionality announced by the organisation that is rapidly expanding its presence and services within the Malaysian market.

Pickupp also offers a wide range of value-added delivery services such as flexible speed options, satellite warehouses and partnering with Kirimman for self-drop offs and self-pickups, full transparency with SMS notifications and delivery proof, and a smart order bundling system.

16 November 2022

Author: Terry KS

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