FireFly rolls out Empty Seat Option

SUBANG: Malaysia’s community airlines FireFly has launched a new service namely Firefly’s Empty Seat Option which allows passengers an opportunity to purchase the empty seat next to theirs, thus allowing them a more comfortable journey. Passengers can use the empty seat they had purchased for the entire duration of their journey.

To apply for an empty seat, passengers enter their flight details on the Optiontown website and pay a small, fixed sign-up fee and an empty seat fee. The empty seat fee is dynamic and is determined by Optiontown. Three hours prior to scheduled flight departure, passengers will receive an email from Optiontown on the availability of the empty seat next to theirs. If they are unsuccessful, they will get a full refund of the Empty Seat Option fee within five working days after their flight departure date while the sign-up fee is non-refundable.

Firefly’s Head of Marketing & Communications, Angelina C Fernandez said: “We’re sure the Empty Seat Option will be embraced by passengers, especially those who want to stretch out a bit and passengers travelling alone a bit more privacy.”

Optiontown is managed by Tenon & Groove, LLC with headquarter in USA. For more info, please visit

Author: Terry KS

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