Elevating Success: respond.io Establishes Headquarters at Kuala Lumpur’s Prestigious Permata Sapura Tower to Fuel Global Growth

Customer conversation software leader, respond.io, has relocated its headquarters to Kuala Lumpur’s central business district in Permata Sapura Tower, reflecting its rapid growth and commitment to the Southeast Asian market. With a 300% growth in its workforce in the past two years, the move signifies a strategic progression from shared workspace to dedicated office, fostering innovation and collaboration within a vibrant and diverse company culture.

23 August 2023 – In a strategic move to accommodate its rapid growth, respond.io, a trailblazing customer conversation management software company, has announced the relocation of its global headquarters to the esteemed Permata Sapura Tower, situated within the bustling central business district of Kuala Lumpur. Since its establishment in 2017, respond.io has emerged as a key industry leader, catering to 10,000 enterprises across 86 countries. With its workforce growing by a remarkable 300% over the past two years, the decision to transition from WeWork’s shared workspace to a dedicated office within the Permata Sapura Tower underscores the company’s ambitious trajectory.

The selection of this locale holds a deeper significance, as the architectural marvel of the tower, inspired by the majestic peak of Mount Kinabalu, resonates with respond.io’s journey towards new heights in the industry. By solidifying its presence in central Kuala Lumpur, accompanied by an enchanting view of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, respond.io demonstrates its unwavering commitment to not only the Malaysian market but also the broader Southeast Asian region.

This strategic shift into the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s dynamic business nucleus positions respond.io to effortlessly attract top-tier global talent, including the nation’s brightest minds. Gerardo Salandra, the CEO of respond.io, expressed his perspective on this pivotal move, stating, “This marks a significant milestone in our journey. With our rapid growth, we’ve come to understand the importance of having a workspace that allows our team to thrive. That’s why we’ve invested in creating an exceptional environment that encourages innovation and creativity.”

In collaboration with the distinguished luxury co-working operator, Colony, respond.io has meticulously crafted a workspace that fosters not only productivity and collaboration but also holistic employee well-being. This contemporary office space mirrors respond.io’s vibrant and diverse company culture, striking an equilibrium between professional endeavors and relaxation.

Within the premises, thoughtfully designed meeting rooms, private call booths, and ergonomic furniture converge to establish an environment conducive to focused work and effective teamwork. Complementing these spaces is a dedicated leisure area, replete with a pool table, gaming consoles, massage chairs, and a generous supply of refreshments, inviting employees to rejuvenate, socialize, and recharge.

As respond.io progresses from its origins in a co-working setting to a bespoke office space, the transition signifies not only its accomplishments but also its intent to anchor itself more firmly while sustaining its upward trajectory. This strategic relocation stands as a testament to respond.io’s resolve to cultivate an exceptional workspace that nurtures innovation and propels the company towards continued success in the realm of customer conversation management software.

Author: Terry KS

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