E-shopaholics: The Driving Force Behind Southeast Asia’s E-commerce Boom

E-shopaholics, constituting 15% of the Southeast Asian e-shopper population, are responsible for a significant 45% of all e-commerce purchases, according to a study conducted by Ninja Van Vietnam and Geopost. Expert online shoppers, they demonstrate an impressive proficiency in navigating the e-commerce ecosystem, making them a vital force in the region’s thriving digital retail industry.

22 July 2023 – A recent study conducted by logistics company Ninja Van Vietnam in collaboration with Geopost reveals that e-shopaholics, comprising 15% of the Southeast Asian e-shopper population, are responsible for a staggering 45% of all e-commerce purchases. This group of avid online shoppers, well-versed in the intricacies of the e-commerce ecosystem, play a vital role in the region’s booming digital retail landscape.

The comprehensive report titled “What’s next for the future of e-commerce in Southeast Asia?” was conducted across six countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. With over 9,000 respondents, the study sheds light on the behavior and preferences of e-shopaholics, who are considered early adopters of online shopping, demonstrating remarkable proficiency in navigating omni-channels to fulfill their shopping desires.

Characterized as expert online shoppers, e-shopaholics have integrated online shopping seamlessly into their daily lives. They frequently make purchases across multiple product categories and do so twice as often as the average e-shopper. A key aspect of their shopping behavior is spending a considerable amount of time conducting product research and analyzing consumer reviews on various platforms before finalizing their purchasing decisions.

Phan Xuân Dũng, Sales Manager at Ninja Van Vietnam, explains the significance of understanding e-shopaholics’ preferences: “With their high standards throughout the entire shopping journey – from initial browsing to parcel delivery – e-shopaholics are a critical segment for ensuring brand loyalty. By sharing insights from our white paper on e-shopaholics, we aim to equip Southeast Asian e-commerce sellers with the knowledge needed to cater to this influential group as we enter the next phase of e-commerce.”

In Vietnam, 10% of respondents fall under the category of shopaholics, accounting for an impressive 42% of the country’s total e-commerce sales. Vietnam has emerged as a strong contender in the e-commerce market, with about 100 cross-border e-commerce platforms, leading to a remarkable 20% annual industry growth rate, as recognized by eMarketer.

The report delves into the shopping behavior of e-shopaholics and offers valuable insights and recommendations to help e-commerce sellers effectively engage with them throughout their shopping journey. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, the study aims to keep businesses informed and equipped to adapt to the ever-changing demands of this vital consumer segment.

Ninja Van Group embarked on this study to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic e-commerce landscape and equip industry stakeholders with actionable insights for future growth and success. – source: Viet Nam News

Author: Terry KS

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