Digiland Sign MOU with Telecommunications Giant NTT MSC Sdn Bhd

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 August 2015: Singapore Exchange (“SGX”) mainboard listed New Silkroutes Group is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU “) between its subsidiary, Digiland Pte Ltd (“Digiland”) and NTT MSC Sdn Bhd (“NTTMSC”).

The focus of the MoU will be on three key areas:

  • Big data analytics, business intelligence reporting & dashboard solutions;
  • Cloud services focusing on e-Government applications, facilities & real estate management solutions, healthcare informatics & management systems; and
  • Energy management and conservation solutions

NTT MSC Sdn Bhd, based out of Malaysia is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation headquartered in Japan; the ultimate holding company being Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and is one of the Top 3 global telecommunications companies in the Fortune Global 100 list.

Big data refers to extremely large datasets that require beyond typical database software tools to capture, store, manage, and analyze. The intelligent exploitation of big data and its levers will become increasingly critical assets for enterprises to compete effectively.

NTT MSC and Digiland share the common vision that big data is the new normal and the need to build and grow such capabilities for intelligent exploitation of these data is now. The partnership will further extend Digiland’s leadership as the preferred provider of analytics and information management services and solutions for improved decision making. With NTT MSC’s global network and capabilities combined with Digiland’s proven experience in delivering end-to-end large business solutions to enterprise clients, the solutions offered by the MoU will represent a complete suite of valuable services to help organizations meet their intelligent exploitation gaps. Our solutions and services will enable corporations to push ahead to maintain their competitive edge; governments will also be able leverage off ICT, network infrastructure and big data to better plan and deploy “Smart City” initiatives in national development programs.

“NTT MSC being a pioneer of the global operators of data centers industry has seen an exponential increase in the amount of information and data generated by our clients. Sifting through this data quickly and applying the correct information for critical decision making in the operations of companies or the governing of a country is the challenge a lot of decision makers are facing in this day and age,” says President / CEO of NTT MSC Sdn Bhd, Mr. Ken Deguchi “NTT is at the forefront of this exponential growth of Big Data, we believe this collaboration with Digiland will bring about a suite of compelling solutions that will give our clients an extra and crucial edge to their businesses.”

Analytics and e-Government services are the key growth drivers of Digiland’s technology roadmap. Packaged solutions offered will target the government as well as the private sector, with customers ranging from cyber-security forensics, market intelligence, energy conservation to large consumer-centric industries such as telecommunications and online marketplaces. In the area of energy management and conservation solutions, the MoU partnership specifically seeks to co-develop innovative energy management software to intelligently optimize a building’s environmental control systems for lower energy consumption footprints.

“Although faster computers and digitization of data has sped up the processing of information, we still require human intelligence and ingenuity to solve complex relational problems,” explains Dr Goh Jin Hian, Group CEO of New Silkroutes Group. “Our team has taken the first significant step in capturing this essence of human ingenuity in our applications and solutions, and through NTT MSC, we hope to offer these cloud-based solutions globally to companies and even countries that wish to apply this in their critical management infrastructure.”

Author: Terry KS

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