DG1’s AI-Powered E-commerce Platform Revolutionizes Online Business Landscape

DG1, an AI-powered e-commerce platform, empowers Malaysian SMEs with affordable subscription plans and cutting-edge marketing tools, doubling their sales revenue while eliminating commission fees.

5 March 2024 – DG1, an innovative AI-powered SaaS e-commerce platform, has revolutionized the landscape for micro-SMEs in Malaysia, doubling their sales revenue and eliminating commission fees. With a subscription fee of just USD 59, inclusive of unlimited support and a suite of valuable features, DG1 empowers SMEs to effortlessly manage their online presence and nurture customer relationships with cutting-edge marketing automation tools.

As DG1 continues to garner attention from investors, entrepreneurs, and local communities, its impact on the SME e-commerce landscape is undeniable. By actively supporting digital and AI literacy initiatives, DG1 contributes to building a more digitally savvy workforce and fostering innovation in the regional business ecosystem.

Author: Terry KS

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