Conquer the Cities: Ragnarok Origin Unveils Intense Guild Warfare with War of Emperium in Malaysia

Ragnarok Origin brings an adrenaline-pumping experience to Malaysian players with the launch of the “War of Emperium” event, where guilds battle fiercely for control over key cities. Defending guilds must protect their crystals from rival attacks, while successful assaults grant ownership and exclusive privileges, culminating in a captivating gameplay experience.

25 July 2023 – In a bid to bring excitement and fierce competition to its players, Ragnarok Origin has launched the much-anticipated “War of Emperium” in Malaysia. This epic weekly event immerses guilds in intense battles for control over the key cities of Prontera, Geffen, and Payon, promising special privileges and rewards for the victorious.

War of Emperium is an enthralling event where guilds engage in a fierce struggle to dominate crucial cities. Each city houses a valuable crystal that must be defended against rival guild attacks. To claim ownership of a city, an attacking guild must successfully destroy the defending guild’s crystal. Owning a city bestows exclusive benefits, such as access to the coveted guild dungeon.

The event has specific requirements for participation: players must be at least level 60, and guilds need to be ranked in the top 100 of the Royal Competition leaderboards and at least level 3. War of Emperium occurs every Sunday from 20:50 to 22:00, allowing both individual and team participation.

Before the battle commences, a preparation stage unfolds from 5:00 to 20:00, during which guild members eligible for participation receive email notifications and must have been part of the guild for at least 72 hours. Portals to the respective cities open exclusively for guild members who own those cities. The defending guild members are confined to their own guild city and are prohibited from entering other guild cities. However, when the event begins at 21:00, all participating guild members are free to choose which city to enter.

During the War of Emperium, guild leaders and associate leaders eligible to participate can set up two commanders dedicated to the event. They can also allocate guild materials to enhance their members’ combat effectiveness, strategizing for a victorious outcome.

Guilds that do not own a city have the option to form alliances during the preparation stage, with a maximum of three guilds per alliance. Alliances cannot harm each other within the castle and cannot damage the crystal of an alliance guild. Each castle can accommodate up to 200 alliance members.

The battle spans 60 minutes, and attacking players must advance through three scenes of the city sequentially, while defending players aim to thwart their progress. If the attacking guild destroys the final ornate crystal in Scene 3, a 15-second cooldown initiates, and they become the new owners. However, the defending guild wins automatically if they protect the crystal from damage for the last 10 minutes before the countdown ends.

After the War of Emperium, the guild that captures a city can distribute drop boxes within the guild until midnight. Participating guild members receive rewards, regardless of capturing the city, with additional rewards for those who secure ownership. Furthermore, during the guild’s week of city ownership, members can access the guild master’s treasure chest and utilize the guild dungeon to spawn monsters.

The War of Emperium ushers players into a realm of intense battles, strategic alliances, and captivating rewards, promising an unforgettable gaming experience for all participants.

Author: Terry KS

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