Comprehensive and Ambitious Financial Comparison Website MoneyMax Launched in Philippines

Jan 9, 2014 (Thu): Filipino consumers can now maximize their budget with MoneyMax, the country’s most comprehensive financial comparison website. MoneyMax plans to offer comparison services for products and services ranging from credit cards to insurance to broadband and beyond, and it has recently made its first few categories available for comparison to Filipinos.

The MoneyMax website now compares a full spectrum of credit card and broadband plan offerings from Philippine providers free of charge. The comparison platform allows personalized search for its users, providing them with details particularly suited to their unique situations. This ensures that each and every quote delivered to Pinoy consumers are tailor fitted to their needs and preferences. It offers a complex comparison engine that generates a customized market overview of selected product categories according to the profiles of the users.

MoneyMax is the first of its scale and ambition in the Philippines, leading the way to empowering Filipino consumers by helping them make smarter financial decisions. MoneyMax focuses on ease of use and user-friendliness, offering a host of benefits to its users:

  • Deep level of product detail and wide range of categories – The website will encompass a wide range of product categories and has now rolled out its credit cards and broadband verticals. Each category will span leading Philippine providers and will also involve deep levels of detail to ensure users get all the details they need to make a financially-savvy decision. MoneyMax will continually launch more categories as it grows, allowing its Filipino users to compare more services, and products and become smarter consumers.
  • Free, easy, and convenient – MoneyMax does not charge anything for its service, and does not add any fees or commissions on top of any quotes delivered to its users. It also aims to maximize user-friendliness, so all aspects of its navigation, function, and design are focused on being as easy to use as possible.
  • Independent and objective – As a third-party platform, MoneyMax offers unbiased information regarding the products and services of Philippine financial services providers, avoiding any marketing hype that could mislead consumers.

Aside from expanding to include more categories of financial products and services, MoneyMax also aims to become a leading resource that Filipinos can rely on when they need assistance with their financial decisions.

Through a full range of content such as FAQs, in-depth guides, and expert news, MoneyMax will become an editorial resource central where Filipinos can educate themselves more on how they could spend and save money wisely.

As an unbiased platform of detailed financial comparison and helpful resource for editorial content, MoneyMax will fulfil its mission of helping Filipinos save time and money when finding the best financial products for them in the market.

MoneyMax now begins its journey to transform the common Filipino consumer into a money-savvy finance expert. For more info, visit

Author: Terry KS

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