Cognizant Recognized as “Market Leader” in Ovum Decision Matrix on Outsourced Testing Service Providers

SINGAPORE, 9 February, 2015 (Mon): Cognizant announced that it has been named a “market leader” in the recently released Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Outsourced Testing Service Provider 2014-15, which focuses on the growing market for service providers offering comprehensive outsourced testing of software applications.

The report, which analyzed the top 15 global service providers for testing services, assessed a variety of criteria including offerings, execution and market impact. The report highlights Cognizant as a “market leader” which Ovum states is a category that represents the leading solutions that it believes are worthy of a place on most testing selection shortlists. Vendors identified as a “market leader” have established a commanding market position with a product that is widely accepted as best-of-breed.

Cognizant provides a broad range of on-premise and cloud-based application testing services and is one of the world’s leading software QA providers with more than 28,000 career testers and consultants. With a variety of innovative services including ADPART (Activity Diagram-Based Path Analysis and Regression Testing); fasTest, a cloud-based, on-demand testing delivery service; and Cognizant Mobility Testing Lab, a cloud-based test lab-as-a-service for mobile apps, Cognizant helps clients shorten time to market, control costs, improve quality, and drive innovation.

“Cognizant stands out for how it articulates the implications of end-to-end responsibility and aligns them with organizational issues around testing services, and for its embedding of the discussion of the evolution of testing into the contingencies of sourcing strategies and business processes… Specifically, where end-to-end responsibility is defined around business outcomes, the liability is not just confined to testing capabilities but to guaranteeing the efficiency of business processes,” the report stated.

“Cognizant’s key differentiating IP is its ADPART suite for model-based testing. This embeds testing services into business processes and provides dashboards that allow business analysts to manage test assets without needing special knowledge, enabling them to draft, review and certify the business flows,” the report added.

“In an increasingly digital world, quality assurance has become ever more challenging and important in addressing business and customer needs,” said Andreas Golze, Cognizant’s Vice President of Quality Engineering & Assurance in Europe. “It is not just about improving IT efficiency, but also about leveraging IT to enhance business agility, innovation, and customer experience. The Ovum recognition speaks to our ability to ensure faster delivery of better quality business solutions to help enterprises attract, retain, and grow their customer base. Our enterprise QA framework is supported by industry-leading methodologies and proprietary testing tools that combine the latest analytics, mobile environments, and testing software from leading product vendors. This enables us to work across a range of hardware and software, testing infrastructure, and testing products in order to optimize development initiatives, and ensure timely and effective deployment of high-quality applications, thereby delivering a greater volume of business-critical projects and improving return on investment.”

Author: Terry KS

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