Close to Half of Online Shoppers in Indonesia Are Young with High Income

Jan 30, 2014 (Thu): A survey conducted in July last year by Greenberg Brand Strategy for Visa found up to 76 percent of Internet users in Indonesia shopped online over the past year and spent 5.5 million rupiah annually on average. The survey also revealed that 48 percent of the online shoppers were in the 18-30 year age group with higher income.

According to the survey, online shoppers were categorized into three categories based on the quantity of products and services they ordered online. 48 percent of them are categorized as “mature” shopper, a group of people spent 6.5 million rupiah on average per year and their majority money spent on travel, retail and other services. The second group is “emergent” shopper (23%) who purchased one or two items online and averagely they spent about 4 million rupiah every month while “evolving” shopper (29%) spent about 5 million rupiah a month to purchase three to four types of goods online.

Author: Terry KS

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