Chinese E-Commerce App Temu Surprises with Popularity Among Boomers and Gen X Shoppers in the US

Chinese e-commerce app Temu has gained unexpected popularity among Baby Boomers and Generation X shoppers in the US during its first full year of operation, according to research by Attain. The app’s diverse product mix, discounts, and gamified shopping experience make it appealing to a wider demographic, challenging its initial reputation as a platform primarily for younger consumers.

25 January 2024 – Contrary to its reputation as a platform for younger consumers, Chinese e-commerce app Temu has experienced increased popularity among Baby Boomers and Generation X shoppers in its first full year of operation in the US, according to research by Chicago-based firm Attain. Boomers aged 59 and older were found to be the most loyal, placing about six orders over 12 months, twice as many as Gen Z shoppers aged 18 to 26.

Owned by PDD Holdings Inc, Temu entered the US market in late 2022 and quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the most downloaded apps. The app appeals to consumers willing to endure longer delivery times in exchange for substantial discounts on a variety of goods. Its game-like shopping experience, featuring a roulette wheel for discounts and free prizes, along with rewards for referrals, contributes to its appeal, especially for older users who may find its navigation more intuitive than other platforms.

The success of Temu among older demographics suggests that it may have lasting power beyond its initial popularity with younger shoppers, positioning it as a viable alternative to dominant e-commerce platforms like Amazon. – ref: bloomberg

Author: Terry KS

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