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KUALA LUMPUR, 20 August 2015: It will be the 58th Merdeka Day for Malaysia come August 31st , and the celebration of national pride will continue until Malaysia Day on September 16th.

Why not celebrate in style with Reebonz.com.my by wearing your patriotism on your arm or on your shoulder, for a change?

The Malaysian flag, or Jalur Gemilang is a modern classic in design. The strong colours of red, white, blue and yellow can easily transition into an integral part of your daily wardrobe and when combined with the rest of your outfit, trumpet your love of your nation for all to see.

Reebonz (pronounced as ‘ribbons’) is Asia’s most trusted online brand, and a preferred shopping destination for buying and selling the widest variety of luxury products with an amazing selection of handbags, shoes, small leather goods and jewelry to complete your look as you celebrate Malaysia in style.

Luxury comes in many levels and the Reebonz’ Online Price before further markdowns is always more attractive than the recommended retail price at designer boutiques. For the best value at Reebonz, stalk your favorite items for when they are at their lowest price, which could be during special sale events, at clearance or when it is the last piece available. (see our appendix for examples of our ‘as low as’ prices).

Styling Your Patriotic Purchase

The concept is subtlety for the beginner and anything goes for the fashionista.

For beginners, do not attempt to combine all colours of the flag in one outfit. A float-y white outfit accessorized with a red handheld bag, a red and blue statement necklace, and gold earrings with metallic gold shoes gets your patriotism across in a chic and timeless way.

However if you are a master of clashing prints or can colour block like Mondrian then let your true Malaysian colours show. Break out the batik, tie-dye, funky florals or Hawaiian print and clash them with stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes or metallics. Pick a colour from your outfit and match your bag to it; or opt for a statement bag that stands out from the outfit. Rules do not apply to you.

It’s In The Bag

To make your patriotic purchase last for more than a season choose a shape and a style that will complement your lifestyle, and where you plan to use your bag. If you commute to work, a mid-size backpack or a shoulder bag may be ideal compared to a small clutch.

If you frequently attend formal events a streamlined clutch with some bling might be the wardrobe staple that you need.

To help you in your selection Reebonz has curated key trends for Autumn/Winter 2015 and the colors of Jalur Gemilang to help you celebrate Malaysia in style.

Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bag is a timeless staple that is a key trend for Autumn/Winter 2015. This classic and defined silhouette lets everyone know that you mean business, and need your hands free to get things done. Both boxy and rounded options are in style with a single flap keeping the look clean. Bright red is a key colour trend for the season combine the two and shoulder your patriotism with style. To celebrate Malaysia in style, consider the Saint Laurent Classic Monogramme Medium Satchel or the Lanvin Quilted Lambskin Sugar Medium Bag that carries all your essentials.


Backpacks are back and you know you want one for its sporty luxe styling that is functional and utilitarian, allowing you to be hands-free with the knowledge that your belongings are well-secured. Perfect if you ride a Harley, a bicycle, or even if like most of us you ride the LRT. Choose a small to mid-sized backpack in key colour trends of blue from lapis to cyan, and casually carry the love of your nation on your back. For example, the lightweight and functional Prada Vela Backpack or the Proenza Schouler PS Courier S Backpack, synonymous with urban chic.

Handheld Bags

Handheld bags such as the bowling bag never go out of style. Depending on how you style these beauties you can go from ladylike to bada** in a blink of an eye. For ease of use current models often come with a shoulder strap for when the weight of the world is too much for your manicured hands to bear. In a small to mid-size in shades of yellow from bright citron to deep amber, the handheld bag announces your love for King and country. How about Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel for edginess, or MCM Nuovo Large Boston Tote for sophistication.

Clutch Bags

For a sharp silhouette in the boardroom, sophistication in the evening or a fun option on the weekend, clutch bags are here to stay. Opt for a winter white to reflect the purity of your love for Malaysia, and to make a statement on every occasion. Among Reebonz’s picks is the MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Zip Clutch that is perfectly sized for both day and night, or the Mulberry Clemmie Clutch for a simple yet elegant look.

Go Vintage

Pre-loved handbags from Reebonz can be just the ticket for when you want to mix it up with a nod to the past, flavoring your carefully curated outfit. Reebonz’ picks include the Hermès Birkin 35 that is the very essence of elegance and opulence, or the effortless style of the Chanel Lambskin Leather Shoulder Bag.

“As Malaysia and Asia’s prefered online shopping destination for accessible luxury Reebonz has what you need to celebrate Malaysia in style and in season. We will be having special promotions to help our customers achieve the look of luxe and make a patritioic statement,” shared Mr. Tang Siew Wai, Country General Manager of Reebonz Malaysia.

Author: Terry KS

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