Business Without Boundaries: SRKK Group’s TRANSFORM 2023 Conference Champions a New Digital Era for SMEs

New and expanded technologies are constantly changing the business landscape at an unrivalled pace and scale. Aiming to empower businesses to progress beyond their perceived limitations, SRKK Group, a leading end-to-end digital transformation consultancy firm, alongside its distribution arm, Integricity Technology, hosted its flagship conference TRANSFORM 2023 at Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur recently.

Attended by more than 200 business and technology leaders hailing from different industries, the one-day conference featured keynote speakers from global technology giants such as Lenovo, Intel, Fortinet, Microsoft and Kaseya, who shared transformational insights into how technology can be leveraged to empower businesses and organisations achieve their full potential in a digital age which presents problems and threats from all sides.

Supported by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and the Malaysian Institute of Management, the conference covered topics such as The Future of Work (Hybrid Workplace), Eliminate Manual, Go Digital (Automation), Protect Your Business (Cybersecurity), Gain the High Ground with Cloud and Data (Cloud & Data).

The outbreak of the pandemic has opened a Pandora’s box of unprecedented challenges. However, this has created a drive for businesses to innovate and explore uncharted territories. As a digital transformation company, we understand the importance of change, resilience and growth — and the last two years have proven just how important it is for businesses to be equipped with those traits digitally. As such, we believe it is essential that we provide enterprises of all sizes with the tools and knowledge to be sustainable and forward thinking, to do more with less from great distances,” said SRKK Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Yew Lip Sin.

He added, “Our virtual conference last year focused on helping businesses solve the gaps that exist in their operations in regards to digital transformation, especially in productivity and cybersecurity. As businesses move forward in this new normal where the economy is founded on innovation and change, we believe that it is now vital that enterprises learn and be equipped to progress beyond their limits. To stay relevant, businesses should adopt new ways of work, be it a hybrid or a total remote workplace, increased digitalisation and automation, cloud-based access, or off-site cybersecurity.”

Beyond Boundaries: Innovating for a Changing Future

The future of trade in this post-pandemic era is becoming increasingly digital. The ability for businesses to succeed and thrive in this new normal hinge on their capacity to innovate, stay progressive and adapt to market forces. Despite being the backbone of the country’s business climate, digital adoption among SMEs in Malaysia still lag far behind that of larger firms. According to the World Bank, 77% of SMEs in Malaysia are still in the early stages of digitalisation, behind their peers in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.

To address the challenges in the country, businesses/organisations must be made aware of the vast capabilities and diversity of technological solutions and how it is key to ensure constant growth and advancement in the new norm. Automation, data analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, backup & disaster recovery, remote monitoring & management, IT service management are only some of the wide range of tools and technologies that can trigger innovation and ensure stable development in an everchanging economic environment.

Be it hybrid and/or remote work arrangements, for businesses to thrive and excel in the digital era, it is essential that they accelerate their digitalisation efforts, incorporating robust and appropriate technologies. With the right tools in place, businesses would be able to stay connected, productive and secure,” said Integricity Technology Chief Executive Officer Alex Lam.

In order to help enterprises stay progressive, SRKK, through TRANSFORM 2023, allowed businesses to explore the latest technology needed and insights into the steps required to adopt a hybrid work environment, digitalise & automate processes, utilise data analytics & cloud solutions, and defend their business from evolving cyberthreats. Also presented were real-world case studies of how businesses have transformed with the power of digital transformation. Attendees also learned how investments in the right solutions can save cost and increase output to stimulate exponential business growth. Booths by sponsors also helped increased exposure to the range of products and services delivered by SRKK Group, Integricity Technology and their global tech part

SRKK has received regional acclaim for its technological prowess from major tech players in Southeast Asia, namely Microsoft, Dell and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPe). The company has been working continuously to enhance its business continuity through comprehensive digital transformation activities, in line with the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), looking to spearhead the transformation process for enterprises of all sizes in Southeast Asia.

9 November 2022

Author: Terry KS

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