BingX and Zepeto Join Forces to Launch ZTX Trading Pairs, Pioneering a New Era of Gaming Cryptocurrency

BingX has introduced ZTX trading pairs through a strategic partnership with Zepeto, a popular Minecraft-style game with over a billion downloads. ZepetoX, which recently entered the cryptocurrency market and garnered significant trading volume, offers unique gaming experiences and free virtual land. The collaboration paves the way for new opportunities at the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency.

16 October 2023 – In a remarkable move set to influence the cryptocurrency landscape, BingX, a prominent digital asset exchange, has unveiled the eagerly awaited ZTX trading pair on its platform. This milestone follows a strategic partnership between BingX and Zepeto, the widely celebrated Minecraft-style game boasting over a billion downloads.

Marking ZepetoX’s entry into the cryptocurrency sphere, this groundbreaking development follows the success of BigTime(BIGTIME) and coincided with the August 28th launch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). ZepetoX swiftly gained traction, achieving a total trading volume of 400 million, positioning itself as a significant player in the crypto market. What distinguishes this project is its dedication to delivering a unique gaming experience. In contrast to traditional metaverse ventures, it provides users with complimentary access to virtual land, housing, and maps. Upon entering the game, users unlock essential gaming features, thereby presenting opportunities for earning while playing.

Moreover, ZepetoX places strong emphasis on user identity and creativity. Users’ virtual land acts as a customizable stage, enabling them to decorate it to their preferences. The acquisition and personalization of virtual land is provided at no cost, and users can invite friends to explore their creative spaces, fostering a collaborative environment. Investors are encouraged to get in on the action by purchasing ZTX coins through BingX.

The social aspect of the project is equally engaging, with four distinct zones encompassing Gaming, Art, Finance, and Fashion. Users can actively participate in a wide array of activities within their chosen zones, adding depth to their in-game experiences.

The collaboration between BingX and Zepeto, leading to the introduction of the ZTX trading pairs, represents a significant advancement in the fusion of gaming and cryptocurrency. This partnership promises to usher in new possibilities for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

As the cryptocurrency and GameFi world continues to evolve, keep an eye on BingX for updates, price predictions, and more exciting developments that are set to reshape this dynamic landscape.

Author: Terry KS

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