AsiaPay Partners with Airswift to Elevate Digital Payment Services for Airline Travelers

AsiaPay collaborates with Airswift to enhance digital payment services for airline passengers, offering streamlined payment options and facilitating market expansion for the airline.

2 April 2024 – AsiaPay, a leading digital payment service provider in Asia, has joined forces with Airswift, a boutique airline operating in the Philippines, to improve digital payment options for travelers. This collaboration integrates Airswift into the PesoPay Payment Gateway, offering passengers streamlined payment services including cards, eWallets, and Netbanking, aiming to elevate the travel experience and facilitate market expansion for the airline.

Ms. Liza Tango, Airswift’s CFO, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the cost-effectiveness and growth opportunities it brings to the airline, while AsiaPay’s Associate Director, Alberto Javier, emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs for convenient and secure online payment methods, particularly in the travel sector.

Author: Terry KS

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