Asia Television News and dBazzar Collaborate to Boost Media Exposure for Malaysian SMEs and Tourism Industry

Asia Television News (ATV News) and dBazzar have signed a partnership agreement to jointly promote Malaysian SMEs and the tourism industry through media exposure. This collaboration aims to enhance the visibility and recognition of businesses, leveraging promotional activities and innovative content across various media platforms.

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 June 2023 – Asia Television News (ATV News) and dBazzar, a leading e-commerce platform in Malaysia, have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a strategic partnership aimed at jointly promoting the media exposure of Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the tourism-related industry. The collaboration will involve organizing promotional activities, including business visits, feature reports, and advertising campaigns, across various traditional and new media platforms to enhance the visibility and recognition of merchants and companies associated with both organizations. Additionally, the partnership will focus on showcasing high-quality, innovative content to highlight the products, services, and attractions of Malaysian SMEs and the tourism sector.

The memorandum of understanding was jointly signed by Leung Wai Pui, Executive Director of Asia Television News, and Hooi Kean Lok, Founder of dBazzar.

As part of the collaboration, ATV News and dBazzar will leverage their respective strengths to drive the digital transformation and growth of Malaysian businesses, contributing to the economic development of the country. The partnership aims to create a more inclusive and dynamic digital economy, empowering SMEs and promoting the tourism-related industry through extensive media coverage and targeted promotional campaigns.

The dBazzar platform, developed through a private initiative in collaboration with the Sarawak state government, offers a unique online community where consumers can consolidate their purchases and benefit from a seamless shopping experience. By digitizing customer bases and enabling digital transformation, dBazzar empowers SMEs to increase sales and generate additional revenue streams. The platform provides valuable tools, minimizes risks, and fosters a shared commercial alliance among businesses in the same vicinity, allowing for mutual referrals and customer acquisition.

Asia Television News (ATV News) is a reputable media organization with a wide network and reach across Asia. By partnering with dBazzar, ATV News aims to leverage its media influence and expertise to raise awareness about Malaysian SMEs and the tourism industry, ultimately boosting their visibility, market presence, and commercial success.

Through this collaboration, both ATV News and dBazzar are committed to supporting the digital economy, fostering entrepreneurship, and driving sustainable growth for Malaysian businesses. By showcasing the innovative offerings and attractions of SMEs and the tourism sector, the partnership seeks to strengthen Malaysia’s position as a thriving hub for commerce and tourism. – source: ATV News

Author: Terry KS

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