Ant International to Create 500 Jobs with New Digital Business Center in Malaysia

Ant International announces plans to establish a digital business center in Malaysia, creating 500 jobs in its first year and focusing on tech roles such as software development engineers. Through partnerships with organizations like MDEC, the company aims to accelerate fintech innovation while contributing to Malaysia’s digital economy objectives.

19 April 2024 – Ant International, a leading digital payment and financial technology provider, announces plans to establish a new digital business center in Malaysia, generating over 500 job opportunities in its first year and additional hires until 2028. The center, set to be located in The Exchange 106 at the heart of the Tun Razak Exchange financial hub by 2025, will primarily focus on tech roles, with a significant emphasis on software development engineers.

Douglas Feagin, President of Ant International, highlighted the company’s commitment to nurturing local tech talent through comprehensive training and mentorship programs, leveraging partnerships with entities like MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corp) to accelerate the impact of their businesses globally. With a focus on innovation, Feagin emphasized the opportunities for employees to contribute to shaping the future of fintech and commerce while supporting the growth of Malaysia’s fintech industry.

Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of MDEC, commended Ant International’s decision to establish its new business center in Malaysia, emphasizing its significance in advancing the country’s digital economy objectives. Since 2014, Ant International has been a key player in Malaysia’s digital landscape, collaborating with local partners like TNG Digital to enable seamless cross-border mobile payments through platforms like Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

Ant International’s strategic partnership with Capital A Bhd underscores its commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable impact, addressing global challenges such as digital inclusion and talent cultivation. The integration of Alipay+ e-wallets as payment options within Capital A’s MOVE payment flows, along with partnerships with entities like BigPay, further solidifies Ant International’s position as a catalyst for digital innovation and collaboration in Malaysia’s financial technology ecosystem.

As Ant International expands its presence in Malaysia, it remains dedicated to driving technological innovation, fostering talent development, and advancing digital inclusion initiatives to shape the future of fintech both locally and globally. – ref: The Edge

Author: Terry KS

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