Amazon Singapore and YouGov Survey Unveils Growing Emphasis on Product Quality and Authenticity in Online Shopping

Amazon Singapore and YouGov’s recent survey highlights the growing importance of product quality and authenticity for online shoppers, with consumers showing a willingness to pay higher prices for reliable products. The survey also emphasizes the shared responsibility of sellers, distributors, and e-commerce platforms in ensuring authenticity and building consumer trust.

SINGAPORE, 4 July 2023 – In a recent collaboration between Amazon Singapore and YouGov, a survey has highlighted the growing importance of product quality and authenticity for consumers in the online shopping landscape. The findings shed light on the shifting preferences of Singaporean shoppers, emphasizing the significance of cost alongside a desire for reliable and genuine products, as well as the role of sellers and e-commerce platforms in ensuring trust and customer satisfaction.

The survey, which involved 1,058 Singaporean residents, aimed to understand consumer behaviors and explore factors influencing satisfaction and trust in online shopping channels. The results unveiled several key insights that provide valuable insights for businesses operating in the e-commerce sector.

Leo Laforgia, the Country Manager of Amazon Singapore, emphasized the commitment to exceed customer expectations by offering a blend of affordability, product quality, and authenticity. This dedication extends to the upcoming Prime Day, where Prime members can access exclusive deals, exciting product launches, and unprecedented savings, showcasing Amazon’s unwavering focus on delivering a trusted shopping experience that saves time and money.

Insight #1: A Growing Emphasis on Product Quality and Authenticity

The survey revealed that while cost remains a crucial consideration for 70% of online shoppers, a significant 80% of respondents are willing to pay a higher price for the assurance of product quality and authenticity. Product quality (58%), product cost (57%), and shipping cost (47%) emerged as the top three factors that have gained importance among consumers in the past two years. Additionally, customer reviews (44%) and authenticity (39%) ranked among the top five factors that significantly influence purchasing decisions.

These findings indicate a shift in consumer preferences, as shoppers seek reassurances that their online purchases align with the product information provided. Rather than focusing solely on the lowest price, consumers are increasingly prioritizing a balance between product quality, price, and authenticity. Notably, categories such as Health & Personal Care (41%) and PC & Electronics (38%) stand out as areas where product quality and authenticity take precedence over cost.

Insight #2: Collaborative Responsibility for Ensuring Authenticity

The survey highlighted that more than half of e-commerce shoppers (51%) believe that sellers or distributors bear the responsibility for ensuring product authenticity, closely followed by e-commerce stores (43%). Only a small percentage (7%) feel personally responsible for verifying product authenticity, demonstrating a significant reliance on stores and sellers to maintain the integrity of their purchases. Moreover, 64% of participants expressed a desire for e-commerce platforms to provide additional means of verifying product authenticity, while reliable customer service (62%) and stricter screening measures for sellers (57%) were also emphasized as critical factors.

To address these concerns, Amazon Singapore implements various measures to ensure product quality and authenticity, including the Brand Registry program, which proactively protects against infringing listings and inaccurate content. The platform also enforces a rigorous seller verification process, requiring detailed business information and proof of identity. By continuously updating comprehensive guidelines, Amazon Singapore aims to provide guarantees for customers and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Insight #3: Shopping Deals and Value-for-Money

Discounts, promotions, and sales emerged as the top priority for e-commerce shoppers, with 62% expressing their preference for money-saving opportunities. Additionally, 61% of respondents highlighted their desire for value-for-money products, underscoring the importance of offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Competitive pricing also played a significant role, with 59% of participants actively comparing prices across different stores to secure the best deals. These insights emphasize the need for e-commerce platforms to curate products that strike a balance between quality and affordability, attracting and retaining customers in a competitive market.

Amazon Prime Day, scheduled for July 11-12, will offer a wide range of deals, new product launches, and engaging experiences for Prime members, providing them with significant savings and a delightful shopping experience. As part of the Prime Day celebrations, Amazon Singapore will host a captivating carnival-style event at Capitol Singapore, offering visitors a sneak peek at upcoming deals and generating excitement among shoppers.

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Author: Terry KS

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