Amazon Global Selling Offers Over RM218,000 as an Incentive Benefit to Help Malaysian Companies Drive Their Cross-Border E-Commerce Journey

Amazon Global Selling will be hosting a series of joint events, together with the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), to shed light on the recently launched New Seller Incentive by Amazon and the eTRADE Programme 2.0 facilitation from MATRADE. The event aims to equip local SMEs with benefits offered by New Seller Incentives to help them launch and grow their business on Amazon, and to help Made-in-Malaysia products’ global journey via eTRADE Programme 2.0.

Amazon Global Selling has helped businesses from every corner of the world to sell globally, reaching worldwide customers and building international brands. Beyond the existing physical presence in 21 countries with over 185 fulfillments centers in total, Amazon has invested over RM78.48 billion in logistics, tools, services and programs over the course of 2020. In 2020 alone, there are over 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) selling in Amazon’s stores worldwide, contributing to nearly 60% of Amazon’s retail sales. Recently, Amazon has set in motion New Seller Incentives to help them take root and grow on Amazon by use of Amazon’s orchestrated tools and services.

Long-standing support to SMEs

MARTRADE’s eTRADE Programme 2.0 is an enhancement of eTRADE Programme under the 11th Malaysia Plan with the purpose of accelerating exports via sustained participation in cross-border e-commerce channel. The eTRADE 2.0 Programme will continue to facilitate new companies to onboard cross-border e-commerce website for export while this time and additional facilitation will be provided to SMEs that are already doing e-commerce to undertake activities such as digital marketing and e-commerce related trainings that can help them to grow to the next level.

Since the launch of eTRADE Programme 2.0 in 2021, many cross-border e-commerce businesses have joined and the initiative received praise from SMEs who benefited from the program.

Among them, Mr Ng Kuak Ping Founder of Bionutricia Extract said: “I am so glad that through Axis, I am able to get my company listed on Amazon with the help of MATRADE grant. Amazon is helping us to grow our business into global market and generate more revenue than ever before since we started cross-border e-commerce.”

The upgraded eTRADE Programme 2.0 will continue to assist SMEs to onboard cross-border e-commerce platform for export with an incentive up to RM5,000, for a one-year subscription. Meanwhile, each company that is already doing e-commerce to undertake digital marketing and training activities, a new incentive with maximum amount up to RM20,000 will be provided.

Best time to launch global businesses through Amazon

Amazon works to provide selling partners the tools and resources they need to launch and grow their business. If a small business or new brand wants to find customers quickly, selling on Amazon makes it easy for them to connect with hundreds of millions of customers around the world. That’s why Amazon launched New Seller Incentives – a suite of benefits worth more than RM218,000 in potential value.

New sellers who are identified as brand owners with Amazon Brand Registry can enjoy benefits including a 5% bonus on up to RM4.36 million in eligible branded sales (up to RM218,000 in bonus value), as well as other benefits with Amazon Vine and Transparency. New sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will be granted benefits as RM436 in credits for using the Amazon Partnered Carrier program or RM872 in credits for using Amazon Global Logistics for inbound shipping fees, and will have auto-enrollment in FBA New Selection, providing free monthly storage, liquidations, and return processing for eligible new-to-FBA products.

Through a package of incentives, Amazon stands ready to galvanize new selling partners to grow rapidly on Amazon stores and build world-known brands with tools and resources on hand.

With the assistance of Amazon Global Selling and MATRADE’s eTRADE Programme 2.0, Malaysian SMEs are expected to begin or scale up their businesses across the globe.

29 April 2022

Author: Terry KS

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