Amazon Global Selling Malaysia Seller Summit Successfully Held Online

The Amazon Global Selling Malaysia Seller Summit themed “Go Global, Sell on Amazon”, was successfully held online and attracted over 3,000 Malaysian MSMEs. The event is designed to equip Malaysian businesses with the information, skills and tools needed to capture the opportunities in the burgeoning cross-border e-commerce sector. At the event, Amazon Global Selling also highlighted how they will better support sellers in 2022 and announced that the number of new Malaysian sellers launching their cross-border ecommerce business with Amazon has increased over 130% year-on-year.

Attendees at the virtual event were informed about the latest e-commerce trends and heard directly from Malaysian businesses who have already had great success exporting their products utilising Amazon’s global websites. Participants also had the opportunity to consult directly with Amazon Global Selling team virtually and did also participate in workshops and other training sessions which provided practical tips on how to develop an online business.

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Mustafa Abdul Aziz, who was the guest of honour at the event said, “MATRADE encourages Malaysian exporters to adopt sustainable development and to seize further opportunities for e-commerce. Amazon is already on board as one of MATRADE’s key partners in advocating Malaysian companies to leverage on e-commerce website via the eTrade Progamme, a facilitation programme introduced by MATRADE to assist Malaysian businesses venturing into international e-commerce channels. Thus, Malaysian companies who are seeking to expand their business aboard ought to be self-prepared and encouraged to utilise the facilitation programmes run by the respective Ministries and their agencies.”

Capture the immense opportunity to go global

The pandemic is changing global business for the long term. It has rewritten the rules, and everyone has to learn and adapt. Worldwide, retail ecommerce sales continue to grow. And cross-border ecommerce is booming. In fact, cross-border ecommerce is growing at 2.3 times the rate of total ecommerce in the next 5 years.

There is similar trend in Malaysia. Based on a new study conducted by research firm (AlphaBeta) in 2021, sellers in Malaysia earn a total of MYR 16.4 Billion (USD 4 billion) from exporting goods to consumers overseas via e-commerce today. This figure could reach MYR 38.6 Billion (USD 9.4 billion) by 2026, if MSMEs were to accelerate the pace at which they use ecommerce for Malaysia’s B2C e-commerce exports. It is obvious that cross-border e-commerce is becoming the next golden opportunity.

Worldwide resources to support the global journey

Amazon’s global footprint covers 21 stores, which can deliver products to over 200 countries and support 27 languages. Sellers can reach over 300 million active customers, more than 200 million prime members, and leverage the world-class customer service network to manage customer inquiries, refunds, and returns for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) orders.

During the Malaysian Sellers Summit, Amazon also introduced some of its new products to help Malaysian businesses to go global. This includes a Search Analytics Dashboard to help sellers better understand customers’ interests and shopping choices, and a Global Listing page which allows sellers to list their products in multiple international stores with a few simple clicks.

Amazon Global Selling also announced extra account management support for Malaysian sellers looking to sell globally to the US and Europe, and will double down on its efforts to set sellers up for success, by scaling up on seller education and making educational tools and resources more easily accessible online. AGS is also developing a robust service provider network to further enable sellers in areas like logistics and storage, account management and advertising optimisation.

Joint success with sellers

Today, there are about two million Amazon third-party sellers worldwide and products from sellers account for more than half of everything sold in Amazon store. There is also significant progress among Malaysian sellers. Malaysian sellers are particularly successful in categories including Health and Personal Care, Beauty and Office Products.

BioNutricia is a food biotechnology manufacturer established in 2006, producing and commercialising plant-based extracts from local herbal species. “We begin selling on Amazon at the end of 2018. Utilising Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), BioNutricia was able to resolve warehousing issues and took advantage of the storage and shipping optimization and faster transit time. Since joining Amazon, our business has grown by 40% and we are planning to expand sales to other global regions including Europe and Canada,” BioNutricia said.

CellLabs®️ was established in the year 2004, based in Kuala Lumpur. The company offers a wide range of health and beauty supplements including their flagship Sheep Placenta ranges. “Back in early 2020, due to the pandemic, CellLabs®️ decided to transform our business model by switching from offline to online. We decided to on-boarded with Amazon. Since then, we have accelerated our international sales and are planning to expand into the Amazon Singapore by the end of this year,” CellLabs said.

In 2021 Amazon Global Selling launched a Sellers Ambassadors program – an initiative to connect and bring together sellers from Malaysia, with the aim of building a learning community where experienced sellers can share their Amazon journeys, and success stories. At the Sellers Summit, Amazon Global Selling also launched its inaugural “Community Driver” awards, created to recognise the effort of Malaysian businesses and sellers who have contributed to the Seller Ambassadors program and supported the Malaysian selling community, encouraging more sellers to start their own cross-border e-commerce journey.

20 January 2022

Author: Terry KS

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