Amadeus Expands Technological Horizon with €320 Million Acquisition of Vision-Box for Face-Recognition Expertise

Amadeus, the Spanish travel booking group, is set to acquire Vision-Box, a Portugal-based face-recognition technology company, for €320 million ($346.7 million). Vision-Box specializes in providing face-recognition solutions for airports, airlines, and border control services. The acquisition, subject to regulatory approval, is expected to conclude in the first half of the year, marking a strategic move by Amadeus to enhance its technological capabilities in the travel sector.

31 January 2024 – Spanish travel booking group Amadeus (AMA.MC) has announced its intention to acquire Portugal-based face-recognition technology firm Vision-Box for a significant sum of 320 million euros ($346.7 million). The strategic move, detailed in a filing to the CNMV stock market regulator, aims to bolster Amadeus’s technological capabilities in the travel sector.

The proposed acquisition of Vision-Box, which specializes in providing cutting-edge face-recognition technology for airports, airlines, and border control services, is currently pending regulatory approval. Amadeus anticipates the deal to be finalized in the first half of the year, pending the necessary regulatory green light.

Vision-Box’s expertise in face-recognition technology aligns with the evolving needs of the travel industry, offering enhanced efficiency and security measures. The acquisition signals Amadeus’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the travel and tourism sector.

As the travel industry continues to embrace innovative solutions, Amadeus’s move to integrate Vision-Box’s capabilities into its portfolio is poised to create synergies that benefit both companies and, ultimately, improve the overall travel experience for consumers. -ref: Reuters

Author: Terry KS

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