AIOX Apex Angel Fund Joins Forces with X-PITCH 2023 to Fuel Deeptech and Web3 Innovation

AIOX Apex Angel Fund has unveiled a new venture fund focused on supporting deeptech and web3 startups. The firm has entered into a strategic partnership with X-PITCH 2023, a global startup competition, to accelerate technology adoption across various industries.

26 October 2023 – AIOX Apex Angel Fund (AIOX) has emerged from the shadows, unveiling an ambitious venture fund geared towards empowering innovators in deeptech and web3. In a strategic partnership with the much-anticipated X-PITCH 2023, a global deeptech startup competition, AIOX is set to catalyze the widespread adoption of cutting-edge technology across a diverse array of industries.

Marc Lin, Chairman of AIOX, voiced the firm’s profound excitement about the collaboration with X-PITCH, stating, “We see immense potential in partnering with X-PITCH. Through X-PITCH’s platform, we want to connect with highly technical founders who are not already within our networks. Our goal is not only to invest but also to actively support and nurture startups that have the potential to revolutionize industries through deep tech advancements.”

While AIOX will predominantly allocate its capital to startups operating in the domains of deeptech and web3, it remains open to exploring investment opportunities in various other sectors. During its discreet initial phase, the AIOX team has already injected capital into a diverse portfolio of companies spanning sectors such as real estate, fintech, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, sharing economy, art, and content intellectual properties.

In a recent strategic maneuver, AIOX executed a substantial investment in Singapore’s XM Studio, thereby assuming the role of its largest shareholder. Marc Lin elucidated, “Our investment in XM Studio marks our first step in creating a robust content ecosystem where technologies from our portfolio companies can be commercialized through real-world use-cases. We believe that having exclusive access to the right intellectual properties can be a powerful driver of emerging consumer trends.”

With the launch of its new fund, AIOX is placing the application of groundbreaking technologies in the spotlight. Lin emphasized their belief in the transformative potential of deeptech in reshaping industries, underlining their pivotal role as a key partner in X-PITCH 2023. “We aim to be early investors in the deeptech movement that will usher in paradigm shifts across various industries.”

Author: Terry KS

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