ADCA to Offer Multiple City-Connectivity

Dec 10, 2013 (Tue): Members of the regional Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA) recently met in Bangkok, Thailand for the ADCA Conference 2013 that is held annually to discuss their new vision “Many Brands, One Experience.”

All five of ADCA’s member countries were represented at the conference by: 1-Net (Singapore), AIMS Group (Malaysia), CMC Corporation (Vietnam), HKCOLO Limited (Hong Kong), and TCC Technology (Thailand). All five data centres are carrier-neutral data centres.

The highlight discussion of the ADCA Conference 2013 was the need for connectivity amongst the region’s main cities and how ADCA can play its part to enable investors seeking business in Asia.

William Wai, Senior Vice President of HKCOLO Limited and the new Chairman for ADCA shared that this cross region, inter-city access facilitation by ADCA is exemplary of the Many Brands, One Experience theme, which will also be the core mantra of ADCA’s alliance in Asia.

“Many MNCs from Europe, North America, South America and more are actively looking to locate their operations in this region – especially with the forming of an ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 and the growth spurt in Asia.

“In order to support this growth, ADCA makes available to these MNCs a World-Class Remote Accessibility service that enables direct, multicity-connectivity, directly through five of our members’ data centres strategically located across Asia,” says Wai.

“MNCs from anywhere outside of Asia, can leverage on ADCA through its five data centers in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, to achieve remote accessibility to their business operations in Asia; and at the same time be assured of reliable, low latency and high-speed connectivity. This is how ADCA brings the world the value of being the Regional Hub – with a single data centre collaboration, for our global customers,” he explains.

Amongst the other conference discussions were the increase in IT usage and demand for connectivity driven by Cloud – from both within and outside of Asia ie. Asia Pacific region.

ADCA data centres offer customers state of the art infrastructure with high regional standards that ensure customers such as ISPs, content providers, telcos, or any enterprise end users enjoy services that are reliable, secure and offers customer the convenience they seek.

“As the world looks towards Asia, it is essential for us to focus our efforts in ensuring we offer services that enable these businesses to grow their business in Asia while remaining connected to the world,” ends Chiew Kok Hin, Vice Chairman of ADCA.

From left: Vice Chairman of ADCA - Chiew Kok Hin, CEO of The AIMS Group (Malaysia); Ngo Trong Hieu (CMC Telecom, Vietnam), Kosit Suksingha (TCCTechnology, Thailand), Wong Ka Vin (1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd), William Wai HKCOLO Limited, Hong Kong)

Author: Terry KS

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