Abe Yus Malaysia Achieves Accreditation in PERNAS Pre-Franchise Program, Promoting Culinary Entrepreneurship

Abe Yus Malaysia, a renowned F&B brand under Treasure Global Inc, has achieved accreditation in the PERNAS Pre-Franchise Program, enabling Bumiputera entrepreneurs to access startup financing. Recognized for its exceptional culinary offerings, this accomplishment not only validates the brand’s excellence but also fosters entrepreneurship within the F&B sector, with potential franchisees benefiting from PERNAS’ financing options. The partnership between Abe Yus Malaysia and PERNAS contributes to local talent growth and economic development.

23 August 2023 – Renowned within the culinary realm, Abe Yus Malaysia, a distinguished food and beverage (F&B) brand operating under the esteemed umbrella of Treasure Global Inc (NASDAQ: TGL), proudly announces its successful accreditation in the esteemed Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PERNAS) Pre-Franchise Program. This accomplishment stands as a significant milestone, unlocking avenues for aspiring Bumiputera entrepreneurs to access essential startup financing, thus forging a path toward culinary entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Notably celebrated for its delectable “Kari Puffs” offered through convenient grab-and-go food carts, Abe Yus Malaysia has emerged as a frontrunner in the dynamic Malaysian F&B landscape. Grounded in unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and utmost customer satisfaction, the brand has consistently surged ahead, even in the face of industry challenges.

The endorsement by PERNAS serves as a resounding validation of the exceptional quality and promising business potential embedded within Abe Yus Malaysia’s array of F&B concepts. Beyond conferring recognition upon the brand’s excellence, this accreditation extends an invitation to Bumiputera entrepreneurs, beckoning them to collaborate with a proven entity that has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

Aligned with this remarkable accreditation, prospective franchisees hailing from the Bumiputera community now possess a pivotal advantage – the ability to leverage PERNAS’ specialized financing options. This strategic alliance between Abe Yus Malaysia and PERNAS effectively dismantles entry barriers, fostering a fertile ground for nascent culinary entrepreneurship to thrive within the F&B industry. As a consequential outcome, this partnership contributes significantly to nurturing local talents and fostering robust economic development across the community.

Mr. Sam Teo, Chief Executive Officer of Treasure Global Inc, remarked, “The attainment of Abe Yus Malaysia’s accreditation within the PERNAS Pre-Franchise Program stands as an exceptional achievement, underscoring the brand’s steadfast commitment to unyielding excellence. This notable milestone amplifies the value of our shareholders’ investments, exponentially expanding our brand’s outreach and, concurrently, empowering Bumiputera entrepreneurs by granting them access to accessible startup financing.”

Author: Terry KS

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