56% of Users Value The Data Stored on Computer Much More Than Device Itself

Oct 16, 2013 (Wed): Most computer users regard the data they have on their machines as more important than the computer itself. In a summer 2013 survey carried out by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, 56% regarded their photos and documents are more precious than even expensive hardware. However, in the event of a malware attack, more than 50% of users found they were unable to recover all of their data.

What is more valuable: an expensive computer or a treasured, if blurry, first photo of a child on its hard drive? A laptop, or the emails shared with your nearest and dearest stored in its memory? A shiny state-of-the-art tablet, or the video clips of a reunion with old friends filmed using its camera? Most respondents were consistent in their preferences – personal information means more than any device, no matter how expensive.

Unfortunately, people often lose valuable information: according to our survey, one in five of malicious attacks ended with the loss of personal data. 61% of those users who were attacked were unable to recover all their data. For cybercriminals, personal data is a tradable commodity: they may steal valuable data and use it in further fraudulent schemes, for example, to manipulate the user’s online finances or to block his access to critical information and demand a ransom to get back online. The widespread use of mobile devices has aggravated the situation: each new personal smartphone or tablet gives the fraudsters an additional angle for attack.

Although the scope and number of cyberthreats are growing, the personal information can remain safe with the help of a reliable security solution.

Taking care of important things

For 16 years Kaspersky Lab has developed technologies which effectively combat cyber-threats. Throughout that time, our expert efforts have reinforced the company’s products proven ability to not only detect all types of malware but also protect users’ personal data and safe access to online services. Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device, the solution that protects the devices working on different OS, was developed specially to fulfill these tasks.

This solution combines the best time-tested technologies developed by Kaspersky Lab to combat cyber-threats. Regardless of the type of device and the operations performed on it – transferring money to family or friends via an e-payment system from a PC, downloading a package of new virtual musical instruments on a Mac, running a popular new game on an Android-based smartphone or tablet – Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device provides equally high-quality protection to digital assets on all devices. The product integrates a number of advanced technologies which combat malware, phishing, spam, financial attacks, attacks targeting children, and the theft of personal data or devices.

As well as its highly effective protection against cyber-threats the solution has yet another valuable feature – it can save time when updating licenses for each device. All the solutions incorporated in Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Deviceare activated and updated under just one license and users can choose the precise combination and number of devices which are protected. When users upgrade to newer devices, the existing license can be transferred to the new gadget.

A reliable and easy to use security solution, Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device is available for download on Kaspersky Lab official web site www.kaspersky.com/multi-device-security.

Author: Terry KS

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