Web Bytes Launches Xilnex Retail Tech Experience Centre, Elevating Retail Innovation in Malaysia’s Hybrid Stores

Web Bytes has launched the Xilnex Retail Tech Experience Centre in Malaysia, situated within the Wonders cafe in PJ Midtown. The centre showcases Xilnex’s innovative retail solutions and offers a fully functional cafe experience, enabling retailers to witness the transformative potential of Xilnex’s technology and supporting the trend of hybrid stores. Malaysia’s retail industry is expected to achieve double-digit growth, surpassing the estimated average growth rate, according to the Deputy President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association.

PETALING JAYA, 26 June 2023 – Web Bytes Sdn Bhd, a leading cloud-based retail management software company, has unveiled the Xilnex Retail Tech Experience Centre in Malaysia. Located within the vibrant cafe, Wonders, in PJ Midtown, the centre offers a fully functional cafe experience while showcasing a range of innovative retail solutions by Xilnex, tailored specifically for food and beverage (F&B) retailers.

With cutting-edge offerings such as the Self-service Ordering Kiosk, iPad POS, Restaurant Queue Management System, Kitchen Display System, and the Live Rack, the Xilnex Retail Tech Experience Centre enables visitors to witness firsthand the power of Xilnex’s retail solutions in action. Additionally, the centre features other retail tech innovations, including a self-checkout kiosk and the Live Display, equipped with a built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) reader, providing shoppers with detailed product information through a high-fidelity screen by scanning RFID tags.

CEO Ooi Boon Sheng emphasized the significance of having a tech experience centre within an actual cafe and retail shop, allowing retailers to experience the transformative potential of Xilnex’s retail technology. He further highlighted the growing trend of hybrid stores, which seamlessly combine shopping and dining experiences.

Ooi Boon Sheng stated, “In addition, we will use the centre to pilot and validate new customer experience models as well as use it as a testbed for our new retail technologies, to develop practical real-world applications and use cases. We strongly believe that we can’t push technology solutions to our customers without understanding their actual pain points. In this real environment, we engage with customers, perform data analytics, and apply behavioral intelligence.”

Deputy President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association, Ken Phua, expressed optimism about the retail industry’s growth in Malaysia, predicting a double-digit increase that surpasses the estimated average growth of 9.0% year-on-year. He also highlighted the temporary devaluation of the Malaysian currency due to changing consumption patterns and revenge spending behaviors post-pandemic, but expects the situation to improve with the influx of foreign direct investments into the country.

Owned by GD Express Carrier Bhd (GDeX), which holds a 38% stake in Web Bytes, Xilnex has expanded its presence beyond Malaysia to countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, and Australia since 2015.

Author: Terry KS

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