Tencent Cloud Dominates CPaaS Market with $559 Million Revenue, Leading Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific

Tencent Cloud has solidified its leadership in the CPaaS market in Asia-Pacific and China, achieving $559 million in revenue with the highest growth rate globally. Its comprehensive CPaaS solutions, including Chat, TRTC, and TCCC, are driving digital transformation and supporting global enterprise expansion.

1 June 2024 – Tencent Cloud, the cloud division of global technology giant Tencent, announced its leadership position in the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market across the Asia-Pacific region and China. According to Gartner’s report titled Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2023, Tencent Cloud achieved an impressive total revenue of $559 million, marking the highest global growth rate at 21.8%.

In the rapidly evolving information and communication technology landscape, CPaaS has become integral to enterprise IT strategies. It offers flexibility and robust connectivity, enabling businesses to adopt cloud communication solutions for customer engagement scenarios, such as contact centers and marketing. This adoption is crucial for driving digital transformation and operational innovation.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Comprehensive CPaaS Solutions

Tencent Cloud has a long-standing presence in the CPaaS field, leveraging expertise in instant messaging, audio, and video technologies. Its comprehensive CPaaS portfolio includes core products like Chat, Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), and Tencent Cloud Contact Center (TCCC).

The Chat platform, equipped with industry-exclusive “Multi-Channel Quic” technology and a global acceleration network, ensures high-quality communication even in challenging conditions with up to 70% packet loss. With features like Chatbot and Agent Dashboard, Chat supports over 200,000 enterprises, handling peak daily message volumes exceeding 550 billion. Its international platform has millions of users worldwide.

TRTC offers multi-party audio & video calls and low-latency interactive live streaming. It demonstrates over 80% packet loss resistance and can handle network jitter exceeding 1000ms, providing high-quality communication in weak network conditions. TRTC is utilized by over 5,000 customers across various industries, supporting up to 3 billion minutes of daily upstream duration.

TCCC enables enterprises to set up unified systems for phone calls, online communication, and audio & video calls, enhancing customer service efficiency and reducing operational manpower costs by over 90%.

Expanding Global Presence and Empowering Enterprise Innovation

To meet the internationalization needs of domestic and foreign enterprises, Tencent Cloud is enhancing its global service capabilities. It offers exceptional global acceleration services through its Chat platform, serving over 100 million monthly active users worldwide and meeting compliance requirements for international expansion.

TRTC has established independent sites overseas, providing products like Call, Conference, and RTC Engine, enabling quick market entry for enterprises. TCCC connects to high-quality number resources in over 120 countries and regions, offering an integrated communication platform for customer service, sales expansion, and office collaboration.

Tencent Cloud supports various industries, including gaming, live streaming, cross-border e-commerce, and finance. Notable clients include Nexon, MIXCHANNEL, BeLive, and Boomplay. For instance, Boomplay leveraged Tencent Cloud’s customized Chat solution to establish interactive live streaming capabilities in Africa, overcoming transmission challenges with comprehensive network scheduling and a client-side weak network self-assessment model.

As digitalization becomes essential for competitiveness and internationalization a key strategic approach, the demand for CPaaS will continue to grow. Tencent Cloud, as a global CPaaS leader, will keep innovating, refining products, and supporting businesses across sectors in achieving digital transformation and global expansion.

Author: Terry KS

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