Sophos Launches Cutting-Edge AP6 Series for Advanced Wi-Fi 6 Access Points and Network Security

Sophos has introduced the innovative Sophos AP6 Series, marking a significant leap in remotely managed Wi-Fi 6 access points. Designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, remote Wi-Fi solutions in hybrid environments, this new offering addresses the rising number of connected devices and the proliferation of IoT systems. The AP6 Series, equipped with high-speed interfaces and Wi-Fi 6E support, modernizes wireless networks, while the cloud-based Sophos Central platform simplifies management and monitoring for partners.

8 September 2023 – Sophos, a leading global provider of cybersecurity services, has introduced the Sophos AP6 Series to facilitate the transition to hybrid environments by offering a new generation of remotely managed Wi-Fi 6 access points. This addition strengthens Sophos’ secure access portfolio, complementing its existing offerings, which include Sophos Firewall and Sophos Switch.

The shift towards cloud-managed Wi-Fi reflects the growing demand for scalable, remote-managed Wi-Fi solutions that can accommodate the increasing number of connected devices and the proliferation of IoT systems. Daniel Cole, Vice President of Product Management at Sophos, emphasized that the Sophos AP6 Series, combined with Sophos Switches, provides channel partners with a unified access solution strategy from a single vendor. This approach simplifies management and reduces the overhead costs associated with handling multiple disparate systems from different vendors.

Many access layer networks still operate at 1 Gigabit speeds, but the significant performance enhancements in Wi-Fi 6 offer an opportunity to modernize wireless network ecosystems. Sophos’ solution addresses a common bottleneck at the physical layer and can enhance the overall network performance of a company’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

The Sophos AP6 Series includes models such as the 420E, AP6 840, AP6 840E, and the outdoor AP6 420X. These models are equipped with at least one built-in 2.5 Gigabit interface for faster LAN connectivity. When combined with Sophos’ multi-Gigabit switches, which also support 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, companies can achieve faster speeds throughout their entire network. Furthermore, the AP6 420E and 840E devices, supporting Wi-Fi 6E, can leverage the 6 GHz band, a less congested space that provides high performance for the latest devices.

Sophos’ access points can be efficiently managed through the cloud-based Sophos Central platform, which offers a broader range of solutions compared to other vendors. This allows partners to oversee all customer installations, respond to alerts, and monitor licenses and upcoming renewal dates via a single, user-friendly interface. Additionally, an on-premises interface is available for administrators to configure on-AP settings.

Author: Terry KS

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