AmBank Pioneers Digital Payments with Google Pay Integration, Leading Malaysia’s Cashless Evolution

AmBank has integrated Google Pay into its cashless services, allowing customers with AmBank Visa and Mastercard Credit Card/-i to make secure, seamless, and contactless payments. This move supports Malaysia’s goal of achieving a 90% cashless payment target by 2025. AmBank aims to lead in providing innovative and convenient contactless payment solutions, contributing to the nation’s digital transformation.

14 December 2023 – AMMB Holdings Bhd (AmBank) has taken a significant stride in advancing its digital payment offerings by integrating Google Pay into its cashless services. This move aligns with AmBank’s commitment to providing secure, seamless, and contactless payment options for its customers.

Customers with AmBank Visa and Mastercard Credit Card/-i now have the convenience of adding their cards to Google Wallet on Android devices. This integration enables users to tap and pay at point-of-sale (POS) terminals accepting contactless payments. Additionally, customers can effortlessly complete transactions on e-commerce platforms that support Google Pay.

In a statement, AmBank highlighted the importance of this integration in staying at the forefront of the financial industry and supporting the ongoing shift towards digital payments. The move is in response to the growing prominence of a cashless society, emphasizing the significance of offering secure, seamless, and contactless options to customers.

Google Pay, known for its widespread trust and reliability, enhances the overall payment experience for AmBank customers. This integration signifies AmBank’s commitment to innovation, providing a safe and user-friendly payment experience.

Aaron Loo, Managing Director of Retail Banking at AmBank, stated that the integration with Google Pay underscores the bank’s continuous efforts to lead in the financial industry, supporting the acceleration towards digital payments and the broader digital economy. By being the first Malaysian bank to offer both Google Pay and Apple Pay, AmBank positions itself as a leader in delivering secure and convenient payment options, contributing to the nation’s cashless initiatives.

Loo emphasized that AmBank’s commitment aligns with Malaysia’s goal of achieving a 90% cashless payment target by 2025, considering the current penetration rate ranging from 60% to 70%. Google Pay offers secure transactions, authorized by customers’ biometrics, device pins, or patterns, making it widely accepted through contactless POS terminals.

Customers can easily initiate Google Pay by provisioning their AmBank Visa and Mastercard Credit Card/i to their Google Wallet via Android devices. This strategic move represents a significant step forward in providing AmBank customers with a seamless and secure payment experience, positioning the bank at the forefront of the ongoing digital transformation. – ref: NST

Author: Terry KS

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