XOX Partners with Alliance Bank to Revolutionize Financial Services on BLACK Mobile App

XOX Berhad (XOX) has partnered with Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad to enhance the financial services available on its BLACK Mobile App. This collaboration expands the app’s existing offerings, which include an e-commerce platform, account management tools, pay-per-view ad rewards, and more.

The partnership will introduce Alliance Bank’s personal financing products and services to BLACK App users. In the initial stage, subscribers will have access to credit cards and personal loans. In the subsequent stage, a virtual credit card will be integrated into the app, enabling mobile transactions.

Both XOX and Alliance Bank highlight the importance of this partnership in their digital innovation journeys and their commitment to delivering convenient and personalized solutions to customers. XOX aims to incorporate additional financial services provided by Alliance Bank into BLACK App, further diversifying its range of offerings.

This collaboration represents a significant advancement for Malaysia’s digital economy and its aspiration to become an innovative hub in ASEAN. As more companies embrace digital transformation and partnerships, Malaysia’s digital economy is expected to experience substantial growth. XOX plans to continue expanding the financial services available on BLACK App through its alliance with Alliance Bank.

22 May 2023

Author: VSDaily Editor

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