Wikimedia Foundation launches a free worldwide travel guide Wikivoyage

The Wikimedia Foundation has launched Wikivoyage, a new project similar like its sister project Wikipedia but focuses only in travel guide. Wikivoyage is free to edit, free of ads, and built collaboratively by volunteers from around the globe. The new free online travel guide Wikivoyage currently has 50,000 articles by 200 volunteer editors in 9 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. There are already approximately 50,000 articles, which are edited and improved by a core group of approximately 200 volunteer editors.

Wikivoyage was established in 2006 in German and Italy with the support by Geran non-profit Wikivoyage Association and was requested later to migrate and brand under Wikimedia Foundation. The migration was completed in November of 2012 and run in Beta until the launch.

by Alice Lee

Author: VSDaily Editor

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