VMware Unveils New Solutions and Commitment to Accelerate Innovation in the Asia-Pacific Region

VMware has reaffirmed its dedication to assisting organizations in the Asia-Pacific region in navigating the challenges and opportunities of today’s interconnected world. The company’s latest announcements at VMware Explore 2023 Singapore include innovative Private AI solutions aimed at enabling enterprise adoption of generative AI and enhancing the management of corporate data.

28 September 2023 – In an era of rapid technological evolution and interconnected ecosystems, businesses across Asia are prioritizing innovation, adapting to new opportunities, and confidently navigating complex challenges. These organizations are entrusted with multiple responsibilities, including fostering top-line growth, empowering a flexible workforce, optimizing cloud expenditures, and reinforcing resilience. VMware, at the Explore 2023 Singapore event, reaffirms its commitment to aiding customers in seamlessly aligning the right applications with the right cloud infrastructure while investing in cutting-edge technologies that empower organizations to consistently and securely manage and operate within multi-cloud environments.

Recent research by IDC highlights that global enterprises anticipate allocating more than half of their technology budgets to innovation initiatives by 2024. As a greater portion of enterprise budgets is earmarked for digital innovation, technology providers capable of supporting and enabling these endeavors become increasingly valuable to enterprises.

Sylvain Cazard, Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region at VMware, underlined the pivotal role of multi-cloud innovation in driving growth across the Asia-Pacific. He emphasized VMware’s unwavering commitment to assisting clients at every stage of their transformation journey, whether they are initiating their multi-cloud management journey or harnessing the power of a digital foundation to unlock the potential of Generative AI.

Key Announcements at VMware Explore 2023:

1. Empowering Enterprises with Generative AI:

  • VMware introduces new Private AI offerings designed to facilitate enterprise adoption of Generative AI and unlock the untapped potential of corporate data.
  • The launch of VMware Private AI Foundation in collaboration with NVIDIA extends their strategic partnership to prepare enterprises utilizing VMware’s cloud infrastructure for the next era of Generative AI.
  • VMware introduces the VMware Private AI Reference Architecture for Open Source, supporting customers in achieving their AI objectives by endorsing leading open-source software (OSS) technologies, both today and in the future.
  • VMware showcases collaborations with prominent companies across the AI value chain, including Anyscale, Domino Data Lab, Hugging Face, Intel, and global systems integrators.

These announcements underscore VMware’s commitment to empowering organizations with the capabilities needed to thrive in a digitally transformed world. By making Generative AI accessible and enhancing multi-cloud management, VMware is poised to play a pivotal role in driving innovation and resilience for enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region.

2. VMware Cloud Evolution for Multi-Cloud Enterprises:

  • VMware announces the next evolution of VMware Cloud, offering customers new editions and capabilities to modernize, optimize, and enhance the protection of their organizations.
  • VMware Cloud is available in five prescriptive editions (Essentials, Standard, Pro, Advanced, Enterprise) to aid customers in modernizing infrastructure and management at every stage of their cloud transformation journey, deployable and manageable in three ways: Customer Managed, VMware Managed, and Provider Managed.
  • Introduction of VMware NSX+, a new cloud-managed service offering of NSX for multi-cloud environments, enhancing core networking and security capabilities for VMware Cloud.
  • Introduction of NSX+ virtual private clouds (VPCs), providing full isolation of networking, security, and services to multiple tenants on a shared VMware Cloud infrastructure managed through a single global NSX interface.
  • Additional highlights include VMware vSAN max, VMware Ransomware Recovery, and the early availability of a cloud-based ESXi lifecycle management service in VMware vSphere+.

These advancements in VMware Cloud empower organizations to modernize and secure their IT infrastructure effectively.

3. Tanzu Revolutionizes Application Delivery:

  • VMware introduces a suite of powerful offerings across VMware Tanzu, aimed at providing customers with a comprehensive solution for developing, delivering, and optimizing applications across various cloud environments.
  • The Tanzu platform amalgamates existing Tanzu and Aria products with new integrations, innovations, and portfolio enhancements to transform application delivery, with a focus on application-centric visibility, proactive optimization, and multi-cloud management.
  • Key highlights include the VMware Tanzu Application Engine (in beta), enhanced multi-cloud Kubernetes operations, a developer portal extending curated app templates, an enhanced enterprise developer experience with Spring Framework 6, and a new platform engineer admin console for configuring and operating the Tanzu Application Platform.
  • The Tanzu Intelligence Services encompass portions of the VMware Aria portfolio with a common data platform to enhance platform engineering and cloud operations.
  • Tech preview of VMware Tanzu with Intelligent Assist streamlines operational workflows using a conversational chatbot experience powered by generative AI.

These innovations and enhancements redefine application delivery for enterprises, enhancing visibility, optimization, and multi-cloud management.

4. VMware Drives Edge Transformation:

  • VMware announces new capabilities, solutions, and services to accelerate digital transformation at the edge through a software-defined edge approach.
  • VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator (formerly VMware SASE Orchestrator) provides unified management for VMware SASE and the VMware Edge Compute Stack, streamlining the planning, deployment, management, and visualization of edge environments.
  • Introduction of VMware Retail Edge, a retail edge industry solution to reduce in-store infrastructure costs, enable remote application deployment and maintenance, and expedite the deployment of next-generation AI applications.
  • Upcoming release of VMware Private Mobile Network, a VMware Edge managed connectivity service designed to simplify private mobile network management.

These advancements empower organizations to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives at the edge.

5. AI-Powered Integrations for Autonomous Workspaces:

  • VMware announces modern AI integrations to the VMware Anywhere Workspace platform, automating employee experience optimization, expanding vulnerability management use cases, and simplifying application lifecycle management.
  • Highlights include new Insights and Playbooks, an expanded partnership with Intel for securing and managing work devices remotely from the cloud, expanded support for App Volumes, and more.

These integrations enhance the VMware Anywhere Workspace platform, ensuring seamless and secure remote work experiences for employees.

As VMware continues to drive innovation, it reaffirms its commitment to empowering organizations across Asia and the world with the tools and technologies needed to thrive in the digital age.

Author: Terry KS

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