Paysafecard Online Account Users Reaches 150,000

Aug 13, 2013 (Tue): paysafecard group, Europe’s leading provider of prepaid payment solutions, yesterday announced that 5 months after the launch of my paysafecard across Europe, 150,000 of its customers are using the new online account. my paysafecard, which has been introduced to Austria, Spain, France, Switzerland, and many other European countries earlier this year, allows paysafecard customers to manage their paysafecard PINs via an easy-to-use online account. paysafecard group also reached the 500,000 Facebook fans mark by doubling its fan base within a year.

The introduction of my paysafecard in several European countries has been a huge success for paysafecard group. Five months after the international launch, 150,000 users across Europe enjoy the benefits that come with the new online account which is designed to make payments on the Internet easier than ever before. Instead of having to enter individual PINs for each payment, the online account enables customers to pay with their unique user name and password. Personal data or credit card details are not required to make a payment. my paysafecard is not linked to any bank account and can be topped up by using paysafecard PINs.

my paysafecard gives customers a full overview on information such as the current account balance and transaction history at all times. The system automatically combines the paysafecard PINs for each payment, ensuring that the remaining credit on the paysafecard PINs is always used up. The registration for my paysafecard is free and not compulsory: the previous payment process, for which the 16-digit PIN is required at the outlet (e.g. online game), remains in place.

paysafecard group also doubled its fan base on Facebook within a year, raising the number of Facebook fans to a total of 500,000+. One of the reasons for this success is the company’s customer-focused social media strategy: In addition to breaking news, attractive sweepstakes and exciting competitions, paysafecard group provides a look behind the scenes on Facebook and also asks its fans for their opinion on a regular basis.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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