Oracle Unveils Eloqua Marketing AppCloud

Sept 13, 2013 (Fri): Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL), the world’s leading IT solution provider, today announces the Oracle Eloqua AppCloud is now available via the Eloqua Topliners community for organizations to expand and enrich their sales and marketing efforts.

As the largest community for modern marketers, Topliners currently has nearly 11,000 registered users and has grown by more than 66 percent over the last year. With over 100 applications, the Eloqua AppCloud is a hub for a growing number of marketing applications that help organizations expand and enrich their sales and marketing efforts.

Over 90% of Eloqua customers use at least one app from the Eloqua AppCloud, demonstrating the value that Eloqua’s customers experience by being able to integrate apps directly into their campaigns. These applications provided added functionality and flexibility that is an essential element of modern marketing

“To target the right buyers, easily execute campaigns, get the best leads to sales and deliver the highest return on marketing investments, modern marketers are looking at how they can enhance targeting, engagement, conversion, analytics and marketing technology,” said Andrea Ward, VP of Marketing, Oracle.

By integrating the Eloqua AppCloud with Topliners, Eloqua is able to improve the customer experience and deliver enhanced functionality such as enabling customers to easily share, comment and follow apps and to receive updates on enhancements and new offerings.

The integrated Eloqua platform also allows customers to learn about other AppCloud partner offerings and to interact with Eloqua partners and other organizations from within the familiar Topliners community.

Unlike other marketing automation platforms, Eloqua’s open architecture enables marketers to combine many marketing apps in one fully integrated, multi-channel campaign.

“By bringing together the Eloqua AppCloud and the Topliners community, Oracle is not only improving the experience customers will have with the different applications, but also delivering enhanced functionality. This combination is a huge win for Eloqua customers that are looking to tap into cloud-based technologies to positively impact their business,” ended Andrea.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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