New Global Trends in Consumer and Enterprise Mobility

KUALA LUMPUR,  11 February 2015 (Wed): Citrix today published the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report for the first half of 2015. For the first time, the Mobile Analytics Report addresses both mobile subscriber and business mobility trends, drawing on data from a global cross-section of mobile network operators and enterprises. The report provides valuable insight into the latest mobility trends that impact consumers, enterprises and mobile operators across the entire mobile ecosystem. Key findings from the report include:

iPhone 6 Plus Generates 2X the Data of iPhone 6

Mobile subscribers that own an iPhone 6 Plus use twice as much data as iPhone 6 users – a difference attributable to more video viewing on the larger screen. Both subscribers and enterprise IT departments need to be aware of how phablet-sized devices impact mobile data pricing plans and enterprise budgets.

Mobile Experience Defined by Video

As mobile data consumption grows, the mobile user experience is, increasingly, a video experience. To illustrate, the top five mobile games ranked by data volume now all contain video, compared to only two of the top five in Q1 2014. Further, sports-related video content on mobile has more than doubled, from 21 percent of all sports content over mobile in Q3 2014 to 50 percent in Q1 2015. As video becomes ubiquitous on mobile, video optimization will play a key role in ensuring an acceptable experience for both consumers and enterprises.

Number of Managed Devices Nearly Doubled for Businesses

The number of enterprise-managed devices has increased 72 percent year-over-year, and clear regional and vertical trends are emerging: iOS remains the dominant mobile platform in the enterprise at 64 percent worldwide, Android is gaining popularity in Asia, and Windows is more than twice as popular in EMEA (16 percent) as it is in North America (7 percent). Deeper analysis also shows that the distribution of mobile OS platforms vary by industry segment with 71 percent of managed devices in the financial industry being on iOS and 39 percent penetration of managed Android devices in healthcare. Further, the latest findings in the report highlight the dual whitelisting and blacklisting of productivity and collaboration apps across organizations – a sign of both growing sophistication in the way many enterprises empower and manage employee mobility.

“The line between personal and business mobility continues to blur as people routinely use the same smartphones and tablets across every part of their lives. It’s no longer possible to maintain artificial boundaries of personal and business mobility. With insights into the latest mobile user behavior, preferences and needs, the Mobile Analytics Report provides a window into the potential pitfalls and opportunities for mobile operators and enterprise IT to deliver mobile experiences that people expect at home, work, and play,” Chris Fleck, Vice President of Mobility Solutions and Alliances, Citrix said.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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