MoneyGram: Beware charity scams after the tragedy in Boston

The global money transfer company MoneyGram warned the consumers about charity scams which typically spikes immediately following a national tragedy such as Boston Marathon Bombings. The scammers will pretend from a legitimate non-profit organization with an official website to ask public for donation to the tragedy.
According to Garner, a potential charity scam can be detected with the following signals:

  • Name Game: The name of the organization is similar to a well-known charity, but is slightly off – such as the word “United” instead of “American” or “Organization” instead of “Association.”
  • High Pressure: The caller needs an immediate answer and asks you to donate without taking the time to do any research into the organization.
  • Cash Only: The organization will only accept cash through a wire transfer – legitimate non-profit organizations accept multiple forms of payment.
  • Lack of Information: Anyone soliciting donations should be able to answer questions about the organization and where the money is going. If they can’t answer specific questions, hang up or delete the email.
  • Online Push: As internet and social media use continues to grow, charity scams thrive online. Multiple fraudulent organizations can prey on a donor’s goodwill quickly by pushing for a donation using online platforms.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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