MOLPoints Online Game and Digital Goods Payment Platform Launched in North America & Latin America

Sept 24, 2013 (Tue): MOL AccessPortal Sdn. Bhd. (MOL), Asia’s leading e-payment service provider and a subsidiary of MOL Global Pte. Ltd., announced today that the company has launched its MOLPoints online game and digital goods payment platform in the USA and Brazil in partnership with its Silicon Valley-based subsidiary Rixty, Inc. (Rixty). MOLPoints will be distributed across Rixty’s distribution channels of over 140,000 stores in the US and Brazil. The launch was witnessed by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak in his visit to the Silicon Valley.

MOL is one of Asia’s leading online payment service providers and handles over 60 million transactions with an annual payment volume of more than US$500 million. MOL’s proprietary MOLPoints micropayment system is one of the world’s leading digital goods and online game payment platforms, which helps collect payments for over 2,000 online games from over 300 game publishers including Facebook, Electronic Arts and Blizzard.

In October 2012, MOL announced that it had made a majority investment in Silicon Valley-based alternative payment platform provider Rixty, becoming the first Asian e-payment service provider to acquire a North American e-payments platform. Besides Rixty, MOL has also made investments into leading digital goods and online game payment platforms in markets such as Turkey, Vietnam and Indonesia in the past 12 months.

The launch of MOLPoints in the USA & Brazil marks the consolidation of Rixty into MOL’s global operations and will enable MOL’s suite of games to be distributed through Rixty’s distribution channels. This will allow local Malaysian content to tap into the huge digital goods market that is estimated to be worth US$19.2 billion worldwide.

MOL Global’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, said the consolidation of Rixty into MOL’s global operations will allow MOL to expand into the huge North and South American markets while tapping into the best talent of Silicon Valley. Together, MOL and Rixty accord the importance of the Americas to online game publishers and are committed to further grow their presence in these markets by enabling global game publishers to monetize their online games and goods in this lucrative industry. Rixty presently has offices in San Francisco, California and São Paulo, Brazil. Rixty is also expanding into Canada and Mexico this Fall.

Rixty Inc’s CEO Ted Sorom (left) and MOL Global’s Group CEO Ganesh Kumar Bangah holding the plaque together with the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The launch event was held in conjunction with the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s Experiential Visit to Silicon Valley, organized by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), to promote successful Malaysian companies that have achieved a global footprint. MDeC via MSC Malaysia has driven the development of the Malaysian ICT industry and has made significant strides toward increasing the economic impact and footprint of ICT in Malaysia. In terms of market penetration, the growth of MSC Malaysia companies has been rapidly accelerating over the past five years, thanks to the concerted effort by MDeC to drive the expansion of home grown companies into regional and global markets.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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