Kaspersky And Waterfall Ensure Solution Compatibility To Improve OT Network Protection


27 January 2021 (MY) – Industrial enterprises need to meet emerging cybersecurity challenges that come with operational technology (OT) network digitalization. As such, 55% of organizations are now confident that the Internet of Things will change the state of security in industrial control systems (ICS). Amid this need, products such as those offered by both Kaspersky and Waterfall are now presented as a timely and cost-effective way to protect against network threats. Ensuring that these two landmark products are compatible is therefore hugely significant for industrial organizations.

Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks detects anomalies and intrusions inside OT networks, which allows industrial enterprises to prevent any negative impacts on industrial processes. Waterfall for Intrusion Detection Systems enables network intrusion sensors to connect to, and monitor, OT and ICS networks without any risk to physical operations. A combined team of Waterfall and Kaspersky engineers carried out extensive compatibility verification tests on the two products, to assure both technological and operational benefits from the final solution.

These advantages include extending the visibility of security and network operations centers (NOC) into fully-isolated industrial control system (ICS) networks, enabling real-time analysis of network traffic for any suspicious activities, and the ability to connect industrial networks into enterprise monitoring, analysis and alerting infrastructures without the risks of firewalled connectivity.

“At Kaspersky we consider industrial network monitoring for security threats and anomalies one of the main measures to establish a holistic OT security process. The certified compatibility of Waterfall and Kaspersky technologies will give our customers the confidence to connect industrial networks into monitoring, analysis and alerting infrastructures with an additional level of OT perimeter protection,” comments Sergey Paltov, Solution Architecture Group Manager, Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity, Kaspersky.

“Extending the visibility of security and network operations centers into industrial control system networks is often the first step taken by enterprise security teams tasked with securing industrial networks,” said Ran Pedhazur, Chief Business Development Officer at Waterfall Security Solutions. “We are happy to work with Kaspersky to provide Unidirectional Security Gateways for this important function that makes industrial network traffic and anomalies visible with Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks.”

Author: VSDaily Editor

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