Kasperksy: Cybercriminal attacks targeting cloud-based services will increase in 2013

Recently Kaspersky lab has outlined the key security trends this year and predicted the core threats for 2013. According to Kaspersky Lab, the important cyber security stories of 2012 are:

  • Sophisticated malware targeting Mac OS X
  • Explosive growth of Android threats
  • Flame and Gauss as the sign of continued state-sponsored cyber warfare operations
  • Notable password leaks from popular web services, such as LinkedIn and Dropbox
  • Theft of Adobe certificates
  • New 0-day vulnerabilities in Java and other popular software
  • Attacks on network devices (namely DSL routers)
  • DNSChanger shutdown
  • Destructive Shamoon and Wiper malwares
  • Madi cyber-espionage campaign

The most notable predictions for the next year include the continued rise of targeted attacks, cyber-espionage and nation-state cyber-attacks, the evolving role of hacktivism, the development of controversial “legal” surveillance tools and the increase in cyber-criminal attacks targeting cloud-based services. Kaspersky Lab predicted the following threats for 2013:

  • Continued rise of targeted attacks
  • Ongoing march of “hacktivism”
  • More nation-state sponsored cyber-attacks
  • Government-backed use of “legal” surveillance tools in cyberspace
  • Attacks on cloud-based infrastructure
  • Deterioration of digital privacy
  • Continued problems with online trust and digital authorities
  • Continued rise of Mac OS X malware and mobile malware
  • Vulnerabilities and exploits continue to be key attack methods for cyber-criminals
  • Wide deployment of Ransomware and cryptoextortion malware

by Terry Brown

Author: VSDaily Editor

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