Innovax Systems Launches GPT Summarize Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT for Contact Center Solutions

Innovax Systems, a leading provider of contact centre solutions, has launched its newest feature, GPT Summarize, powered by OpenAI ChatGPT. The new feature enables users to quickly and accurately summarize lengthy transcribed voice and chat conversations into a 100-word summary, saving time and increasing efficiency for contact centre agents and managers who need to review and analyse large volumes of customer interactions.

GPT Summarize is designed to reduce the need for manual transcription and analysis by summarizing conversations in real-time. The feature is expected to provide valuable insights into customer sentiment and behaviour, helping companies improve their customer experience.

Alex Koh, CTO of Innovax Systems, expressed excitement about the new feature, saying “With GPT Summarize, our customers can quickly and easily review and analyse customer interactions, gaining valuable insights into customer sentiment and behaviour.”

Innovax Systems has a long history of providing contact centre solutions that are designed to improve customer service and increase efficiency, with a focus on innovation and technology. GPT Summarize is now available to all OpsCentral customers. To learn more about the new feature and how it can benefit your contact centre, please visit the OpsCentral website or contact their sales team.

OpenAI is a research organization committed to advancing artificial intelligence in a safe and beneficial manner. OpenAI’s language models, including ChatGPT, are some of the largest and most advanced models available today.

10 April 2023

Author: VSDaily Editor

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