iMoney and Piktochart Launch Free Infographic to Educate Malaysians on Home Loan Refinancing

Aug 1, 2013 (Thu): Malaysia’s leading financial comparison website iMoney and web application service provider Piktochart have launched an infographic on the subject of home loan refinancing over the Internet, in a bid to provide free online education on financial matters for Malaysian homebuyers.

The move is the result of a collaboration between iMoney and Piktochart, both fund recipients of the Cradle Investment Programme, managed by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (CRADLE) under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, to produce comprehensive infographics to educate Malaysians on personal finance matters in a fun and comprehensible manner.

iMoney’s co-founder Ching Wei Lee said, “One of the key objectives of iMoney is to simplify money matters for the benefit of the public. By combining iMoney’s inherent expertise on financial subjects and Piktochart’s graphic design capabilities, we now have the perfect alliance to make financial education easy to understand and fun for the common folks”.

“In the past year since our inception, we have published and contributed close to 200 financial features and short articles on our website, third-party blogs and local news portals with the intention of helping the public understand taxing financial issues,” Ching added. “With the support of Piktochart, we will now be looking to do so in a much, more effective manner, riding on Piktochart’s proficiency and the effectiveness of infographic as an information dissemination medium”.

Piktochart’s Ai Ching Goh said, “We are extremely excited to be working together with iMoney, specifically, in conceiving infographics that can bring awareness regarding important financial issues to the Malaysian market”.

“iMoney has done a great job garnering the financial data needed, whilst Piktochart’s responsibility lies in making the data easy to understand to the general population,” Ai Ching added.

For now, iMoney and Piktochart will be eyeing to distribute at least one infographic a month on various financial topics, which will be made available on iMoney’s financial website as well as other partnering blogs and news portal.

Here is the infographic:

Author: VSDaily Editor

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