Gartner: Indian Public Cloud services market to reach US$443m

Tues, May 7, 2013: According Gartner’s latest statement, the Indian Public Cloud Services Market is forecasted to grow 36 per cent from RM0.97 billion in 2012 (US$326 million) to RM1.3 billion (US$443 million) in 2013.

Gartner says Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), including cloud compute, storage and print services, continues as the fastest-growing segment of the market in India, growing 22.7 per cent in 2012 to RM128.3 million (US$43.1 million) and it is expected to grow 39.6 per cent in 2013 to RM179.3 million (US$60.2 million), while Software as a service (SaaS) is expected continues to be the largest segment of the cloud services market in India through 2017. Last year, SaaS had 36 per cent of the total market share.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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