Exabytes推广Exabytes Grow Program去鼓励更多年轻企业家

2019年8月28日讯 – Exabytes希望通过Exabytes Grow Program能帮助更多小企业家上网开展业务。

Exabytes Grow Program为他们每人提供5个免费的个性化电子邮件帐户外加 .MY / .COM.MY域名配套一年只需RM20(原价:RM299),直到2019年8月31日。

在当今科技发达的时代,由于低创业成本和高盈利回酬的可能性,线上业务是热情的年轻企业家的首选之一。 Exabytes Grow Program甚至适用于仅在Facebook粉丝页面上运营的在线业务,或者在Lazada和11Street等市场上销售的主要销售渠道。其实,Exabyets的出发点是希望及鼓励企业家拥有自己的品牌电子邮件地址或帐户以获得更高的可信度。

意识到企业建立自己的在线品牌的重要性,Exabytes Grow Program宗旨在于鼓励更多年轻企业家在生活中实现及尽可能发挥他们的创意。想得到跟多关于Exabytes Grow Program详情,立即浏览www.exabytes.my/grow


28 August 2019 – Exabytes is excited to assist small entrepreneurs through their Exabytes Grow Program.

Exabytes Grow Program providing each of them 5 FREE Personalized Email Account + .MY/.COM.MY domain package for one year with just RM20 (Normal price: RM299)

In today’s digital age, online business is one of the first choices for passionate young entrepreneurs due to low startup cost and the possibility of high business returns.  Exabytes Grow Program works well even for online businesses that operate on only a Facebook fan page, or those who sell on marketplaces such as Lazada and 11Street as their main selling channel. In fact, they encourage entrepreneurs to have their own branded email addresses/accounts for higher credibility.

Realizing the importance for businesses to establish their own online brands, Exabytes Grow Program aims to encourage more young entrepreneurs to bring their Ideas live. For more info about the program, please visit www.exabytes.my/grow.

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