Epson Unveils Advanced Business Projectors for Enhanced Collaboration and Immersive Displays

Epson has unveiled its latest business projectors, the EB-L770U and EB-L570U, featuring 4K Enhancement Resolution (4KE) technology. These projectors are designed to cater to diverse settings, from offices and classrooms to digital art installations, offering exceptional projection quality, brightness, and compatibility with external cameras for simplified setup and usage.

6 October 2023 – Epson, the leading global projector manufacturer, has introduced two innovative additions to its business projector lineup, the Epson EB-L770U and EB-L570U. These cutting-edge projectors incorporate 4K Enhancement Resolution (4KE) technology, catering to the diverse requirements of businesses, educational institutions, and various environments where vibrant and intricate displays are essential. Epson’s latest offerings are specifically designed to excel in high-quality video conferencing scenarios, ensuring seamless interaction and collaboration between in-person and remote participants.

Bright and Versatile Projections Across Diverse Environments

Epson’s latest projectors are engineered to support a wide range of aspect ratios, including common standards like 16:10 and 16:9, as well as the ultra-wide 21:9 format. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide spectrum of settings, from offices and classrooms to museums and beyond. The EB-L770U and EB-L570U can project images up to a whopping 500 inches in size, all while maintaining exceptional image quality and fine details. In the evolving landscape of hybrid workplaces, these projectors empower users to enhance their productivity during video calls, ensuring that all participants can easily view the content being displayed. Moreover, the projectors foster equitable and collaborative meeting experiences.

Beyond corporate settings, these projectors are equipped with 4KE technology, capable of delivering lifelike visuals on large surfaces like walls, ceilings, and floors. This makes them ideal for digital art installations and indoor mapping, offering an immersive experience in entertainment spaces.

Exceptional Projection Visibility

The EB-L770U boasts a remarkable brightness level of 7,000 lumens, while the EB-L570U offers an impressive 5,200 lumens, ensuring crystal-clear projections in various lighting conditions. These projectors leverage Epson’s advanced 3LCD technology to deliver vivid displays with uniform white and color outputs.

Moreover, both projectors utilize Epson’s laser light technology, allowing them to operate for up to an astonishing 20,000 hours without requiring maintenance.

Effortless Installation and Operation

The EB-L770U and EB-L570U are compatible with external cameras like Epson’s ELPEC01, simplifying projector configurations. This optional camera expedites and streamlines processes, from manual color calibration to geometric correction and edge blending adjustments, ensuring convenient installation and usage.

Ng Ngee Khiang, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia, emphasized the importance of technology keeping pace with user demands, especially in meeting, education, and display spaces. He stated, “With these new additions to our business projector line-up, we are confident that users in the corporate, education, and other sectors will be able to tap into the large, bright, and immersive imagery to make collaboration and learning a more seamless experience.”

The new Epson EB-L770U and EB-L570U projectors will be available for purchase starting October 2023. For more information, visit Epson’s official website or contact your nearest Epson Authorized Dealer store.

Author: Terry KS

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