Avnet Appointed as a Cisco’s IT Distributor in Malaysia

October 18, 2014 (Sat): Avnet Technology Solutions, a global IT solutions distribution and operating group of Avnet, Inc. has announced a new distribution agreement with Cisco Systems (Cisco) in Malaysia to capitalise on growing market opportunities in the data centre sector.

This agreement authorises Avnet to distribute the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) Integrated Infrastructure Solution for the setups and operations of data centres and offer associated technical expertise, services and support.

According to Chiew Yue Lam, general manager of Avnet Technology Solutions in Malaysia, “This alliance with Cisco further expands our ability to offer customers market-driven solutions in high-growth business areas, giving them a competitive edge in their local IT markets.

“We are excited for Avnet to extend their reach into Malaysia”, says Julie Hens, VP Worldwide Distribution. “They have already demonstrated a great track record in the US and EMEAR and we are also continuing to ramp up in Latin America. I am confident we can capitalize on this great momentum in data centre with this move into Malaysia.”

Capitalise on Malaysia’s Growing Data Centre Market

Chiew comments, “In 2013, our nation’s data centre industry recorded over RM630 million in revenue with an upward increase by 40 percent from the previous year¹. The Malaysian data centre market is projected to grow further and fuel the demand for integrated infrastructure solutions for data centres’ design and build.”

“Collaborating with Cisco is a pre-emptive effort to strengthen the local IT resellers’ capabilities to seize the business opportunities that are sprouting in the data centre market landscape.”

Chiew continues, “We see added urgency on the part of data centre operators in trying to reduce the cost of data centre management. This is leading to a surge in demand for integrated infrastructure solutions to simplify traditional data centres’ architectures for greater operational efficiency.”

Bennett Wong, vice president, Avnet ASEAN adds, “The Avnet-Cisco alliance in Malaysia will empower our existing network of IT resellers to better support the adoption of more flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructures that are optimised for virtualisation and cloud computing.”

“As a value-added distributor, Avnet will help remove the complexity associated with the integration and enable our reseller partners to simplify and accelerate their sales opportunities in the IT market place.”

“Avnet Malaysia will be able to reinforce Cisco’s brand and market leadership position by helping Malaysian resellers and businesses to harness opportunities in Big Data and mobility as we drive the Internet of Everything (IoE) vision,” concludes Chiew.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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