10 Powerful Mobile Apps for Jobseekers

Dec 3, 2013 (Tue): In a recessionary environment it is important that you remain on your toes and be aware of the relevant job openings ahead of your competitors. If you are tech-savvy, you must take advantage of apps that are specifically designed to help you hunt a lucrative job. You can download these apps on your smartphone and keep job hunting handy. Discussed below are 10 apps that may prove to be extremely relevant in your hunt for the right job.

1. CareerBuilder.com – Search jobs on the move
The CareerBuilder.com’s free iPhone app with a built in GPS technology, makes sure that you are updated about the job opportunities available close to your current location. Its job search feature is powerful and allows you to find jobs based on keyword or location or company name. If the job appears relevant, you may apply for it in just two finger taps. In fact, this app offers all functionalities as offered in CareerBuilder.com’s website.

2. JobCompass – For those with location constraints
Looking for a job close to your current location? Go for JobCompass app which works in coordination with the locator feature of your iPhone. You may feed the radius, within which you would like to restrict your job search and JobCompass will do the rest. This used to be a paid application once, but now it is free.

3. LinkedIn – The professional job search apps
LinkedIn, the most popular social networking platform for professionals, has launched an iPhone application which will help you search for jobs on your mobile. This free app offers an address book integration utility and it also allows you to save your search history and results. You can invite people to LinkedIn and receive network updates wherever you go.

4. iJobs – Get relevant job listings delivered on your mobile
Available for just 99 cents, this app will deliver relevant jobs to your iPhone.The keyword based search facility allows you to filter jobs by salary, or title or description or industry type.

5. Now Hiring – Search jobs the way you want.
With Now Hiring you can search the job of your choice across countries spanning US, Canada, UK, France, India, Germany and UK. The powerful filter will allow you to search jobs by various criteria, which includes location, date, full time, part time, contract jobs and internship. The app will automatically eliminate jobs which are no longer open or not available now.

6. Job Finder – One Stop Shop
With Job Finder, you need not log in to multiple sites to search for jobs. Job Finder will do it for you. It will aggregate jobs from multiple sites, based on the preferences in terms of location and other aspects that you can set. You can download this app for 99 cents.

7.Resume PRO– PDF maker
With Resume PRO, you can have a professional looking resume ready at the click of a button. The app will create a PDF resume on your phone, which you can e-mail to prospective hirers. There is also a generic cover letter available, which you may attach with the resume if you wish.

8. Hidden Job Apps – For below the cover jobs
A large number of openings are never well advertised. With Hidden Job Apps, you can look forward to know about such positions. The app is designed to scan jobs in newspapers and company announcements made through press releases to hunt hidden jobs for you. Downloading this app will cost you just 99 cents.

9.Good Job- YourJob Search Manager
Good Job enables users to effectively manage jobs search activities like follow ups and interviews. Besides it also lets you save jobs, contacts including the login information for the various job sites you would be subscribed to. This app is available at the cost of 5 dollars.

10.Real Time Jobs
With this free app by TwitterJobSearch you get the convenience to apply for jobs with a single tap. For job offers posted on Twitter, you may apply with your CV, or a social media profile or even post a video CV if you desire.

So, what are you waiting for, download any of these powerful apps and learn about jobs as soon as they are announced.

This Post Contributed by Nilesh Talaviya, works with Cygnet Infotech, leading Enterprise iPhone App Development Company based in India. He provides an excellent tips for Jobseekers which helps to find their Jobs. For more detail about him follow him @NilTalaviya.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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