yStats.com says Asia B2C e-commerce is on the rise

MALAYSIA: According to “Asia B2C E-Commerce Report 2013” published by the research company yStats.com, internet usage and B2C (business to consumer) e-commerce is on the rise in Asian countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as m-commerce sales are expected to increase notably more between 2011 and 2015 than general B2C. For fear of fraud, more than a third of Internet users in Indonesia decided not to shop online in 2012.

The report said that pick-up stations are planned to be set up in Singapore starting in 2013 due to the growing number of online orders in the country. The report also revealed that the number of Internet users in Taiwan is growing but more than half of them experienced problems with instable connections and bad Internet quality in 2012. In Vietnam, most of the online shoppers found purchased clothing, household goods, food and beverages online.

Author: Terry KS

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